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Remembering - 8 Years Ago Today

When I blog about things, sometimes it's to remember things, sometimes it's to get things off of my mind, and sometimes it's just to share. Today, I remember.

In about 30 minutes, 8 years ago today, I received a phone call from a co-worker at Interactive Marketing Services, also known as New Roads.

Sherry: Good morning!

Me: Good morning, Sherry.

Sherry: I just wanted you to know that we're under terrorist attack. I thought I should share that with you this morning.

Me: Huh? Yeah. Right. Nice one there.

Sherry: (serious) No, really. We're under terrorist attack. A plane hit the World Trade center.

Me: Seriously?

Sherry: Seriously.

And, that's how my morning started out at work on September 11, 2001. There were a lot of mixed emotions. Those that had radios turned them on, to listen to the news - and had it set loud enough to share with everyone else in the office.

Those mothers and fathers with children in school, who felt they could be next, were allowed to leave for the day, liberal leave - those of us without had to stay and work. Or, try to work, through all of the shock and horror of the day.

September 11th means a lot of different things to a lot of different people. For me, it was, litereally, the day the world stood still as helicoptors, planes and all other air traffic was cleared from the skies for days on end, as we sorted through the mess of the four planes that went down, and tried to prevent other such mishaps for the day. You don't realize, especially living in the country as I did at the time, just how much noise comes from the sky with all the various bits of air traffic until it goes away. And then, it's too quiet.

For the remainder of the week I toted around my 13 inch television in order to watch it in the office, and see what was going on with the various investigations, and to listen to the various speeches made by the political officials.

This is not a day that anyone who experienced it will ever forget.



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