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To I-CON or Not To I-CON....

That is certainly the question.

I have not been to I-CON for at least 6, maybe 7, years. When I did go, I rather enjoyed it. And, I have one very memorable story about my Jeep breaking down one year when I went, coupled with other hysteria of trying to get said Jeep from Suny Stony Brook on Long Island, NY back to Centreville, MD.

For the last few years I've been hankering to go, and if I'm not going to go on a cruise this year, which is how things seem to likely be panning out, then I could possibly consider going to I-CON this year. Early registration ends on the 31st of this month, then the price goes up from $49 to $54. Cut off for registration is March 10th. So, I have some serious thinking to do.

If only they had more programming on their website (http://www.iconsf.org/) up, that would certainly convince me to go, especially as I particularly enjoyed the authors panels the last time that I was there, plus it might be good to see if Charlie is still running his classic Star Wars WEG game after all these years (doubtful, but one never knows and they were the best games at the CON.)

(angrychicken do you have any insight to add to this? Particularly since they are moving it back to Suny Stony Brook University?)

Lisa, who is laboriously pondering going... with or without anyone else.


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