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FiranCON 2004

So, the time is nearly upon us when FiranCON comes around. FiranCON is a convention for players of FiranMUX. I've personally been to the last two, while I missed the first one from the first year that I've played. If you're a player of Firan, going comes highly recommended. It helps to match the personalities behind the players of the characters, nevermind you get to join in on the Firan Family Experience :)

I find myself very fortunate and lucky to have formed some lasting friendships from the people I've met at FiranCON. I'm also very much looking forward to going this year, despite the fact that I sometimes joke about maybe not going. I'm going. Never fear. The only thing that comes into question is whether or not I'll be staying at the hotel. Staying there is planned for now, because I fear I'll miss much of what will happen if I don't.

However, I'm not so sure what will happen jobwise, since I'm still unemployed (or will be after April 23rd). I'm going to do my best to make sure I have the necessary days off, so I can get the most of the experience. Last year, I went early and stayed late, getting there on Thursday and not leaving until Tuesday. I missed sooo much stuff the first year that I felt I needed to extend my 'vacation' time for FC just a little bit longer. Tentatively, I plan to do the same thing this year, but may not be able to afford it.

It's good to have something to look forward to.


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Apr. 10th, 2004 12:17 pm (UTC)
just sit back and relax for a bit after your last day of work...
Apr. 13th, 2004 08:57 am (UTC)
I'm just reading random Firanite journals....but...stay at the hotel!

I heard it is better if you do that...I wouldn't know...this is my first FC.
Apr. 14th, 2004 05:38 am (UTC)
Re: Hotel!
I've been the last two years and both years I've stayed at the Hotel. The experience is really better that way, honestly. But it's not a matter of that for me but a matter of finances and job stuff. I hope to stay Thursday - Tuesday again if I can manage it. It'll all depend on what I can budget for the weekend. Here's keeping my fingers crossed!
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