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Jumping Back Into the Trenches

So, two weeks ago I spent most of the weekend at the boyfriend's house going over what I have written of my manuscript on the pirate story, making notes about where to make edits, and making very minor revisions as a part of a way to review a story that I have not looked at for the better part of a year. Tonight, I finished putting those edits into Scrivener, and saving them. By doing so, I added about 250 more words to what I've already written. Of course, they don't get me further along in the story, as they should.

This weekend, the plan is to revisit what I have of my rather paltry outline, and see about reworking and revisiting it, making additions/corrections for what text I have written so far, and working on fleshing the damnable thing out so it is more proficiently usable.

This, meanwhile, while I am spending time with my boyfriend and my family over the holiday season. So, there will be plenty of distractions galore, outside of the ones I am known to create for myself.

So, I am going to try to make it a goal of spending at least one hour a day working on this project. That's a goal that's neither too long, or too unattainable. But, I know myself. So I'll need to work it out so I can stick with it while also meeting some of my other distractionary obligations as well.

We'll see how this turns out. I'm in the mood to be creative, and my other normal creative avenues - needlepoint, quilting, etc, are not cutting it. And I've been burning to get back to work, so back to work I shall be going.

So, on that note I end with... Yaargh!


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