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Memorial Day Happenings...

Most weekends are filled with spending time with the boyfriend. This weekend was no different. I packed my things and went to the Eastern Shore on Saturday and spent two wonderful nights at his house.

Saturday, I set up shop and started working on my book a bit more earnestly. When I edited it a few weeks ago, I also started taking notes - true notes - where I was just flying by the seat of my pants before. I spent most of Saturday afternoon at the boyfriend's house, with his encouragement of course, putting those notes together in Scriverner. I now have some nicely organized sections; various character profiles and miscellaneous notes that are organized with their own heading.

While doing this, I discovered that many of my questions I jotted down had already been answered in some of the note taking I started ages ago on the heroine - which was well and good, because for me those questions needed to be answered in some respects. It felt good to know I'd already taken that initiative.

Sunday, we spent the afternoon with my family at my father's house, accompanied by three of my sisters and some additional family members. We had burgers, hotdogs, various salads and lots and lots of freshly picked strawberries from one of my sisters' gardens. We spent some time reminiscing, as well as trading new stories, and just generally catching up. Holidays tend to be the only time we all get together as a family.

Today, I finished mindyklasky's When Good Wishes Go Bad, and then I came home early, to get a few things done before heading back to the grind tomorrow.

All in all, I had a very good weekend, and am rather sad that tomorrow I have to go back to the every day grind.... with a bright and early 7:00 am job meeting. Meh! But, such is life.


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