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Weekend & Easter Day...

By choice, I didn't do much this weekend. I could have, I suppose. The potential was there, but I didn't. I think having that conversation with Jennifer on Friday put me a bit off kilter. I really didn't want to know that we had more stuff in common than Darrick, but at the same time it's a bit comforting; mostly for the reasons I stated in the last post. She gets it. All the same, it's still a bit odd. She's genuinely a nice person, if a bit chatty (more than a bit really).

Saturday I actually went to play Shadowrun with Darrick. It's the first time in like 2 and a half months that I've shown up to a game. He GM's and we go to our mutual friend Tim's house to play. It's a central location, more or less, to those who go, even if his house is an absolute wreck. He's been working on putting in a new kitchen for what seems like the last year and a half. The game was awkward and slow moving. It had some ups and some downs. I couldn't help but thinking that maybe I need to be more aggressive in helping Eric, another mutual friend, start a new game. There's a few more people I want to ask and just haven't yet.

Easter Sunday was interesting. I got up early, packed the clothes I'd need for work, since all of my clothes are more or less in Glen Burnie now, and went off for home. Dad and Loretta, my oldest sister, made a veggie tray, which we started on early. My sister Susan, the baby sister who's older than be my 9 years, got there first, with her husband David and her daughter Melissa. Loretta was spending the weekend, so her being there already didn't really count. Then my sister Sherry, the middle sister, and her husband Perry arrived. Her son and his wife showed up not too long after with their three kids.

That was it for the holidays. Sandy and Mike, my only other sister and her husband, didn't come. They only holiday they come for anymore is Christmas. They do their own Easter thing. I guess that's OK, because now their kids have kids, and they cater more to Mike's family than ours and have been for the last few years. From a phone call I overheard my dad hearing, it sounded like her Easter was somewhat as adventurous as ours. It was a lovely day, but the dinner was slightly ruined. Anyone for flakey, gritty mashed potatoes? Oh, and Dad forgot to get Easter candy. Boo. Hiss!


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