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Belated Vacation Log...

It’s October now, and I can hardly believe it. This year has buzzed by at an incredible pace, and I feel as if time is slipping away from me. Many things have happened since my August update, and I regret that I have not updated more before now. I really haven’t afforded myself some time to do a brain dump, so to speak. In part because I’m not sure people are reading, and in part just because I haven’t had much time. Regardless, giving myself the opportunity to do a brain dump is actually good for me.

In the second week of August, Eric (that’s my boyfriend!) and I took a trip to the Bahamas on the Carnival Pride. The trips had some bumps, and some of your usual ups and downs, but all in all it was a very enjoyable, very relaxing vacation; which is what I was going for. There were three ports of call: Orlando, Nassau and Freeport.

In Orlando, we went to Universal Studios, as I was very excited to go see everything in the Harry Potter section. Bump – it was the opening year, and as I had feared, everything was mobbed and the wait to even just get into that section was a few hours long. The lines to get into the shops themselves were about an hour long each. However, I did manage to get to ride The Dragon’s Challenge – wait? 15 minutes. Most of that was walking through the very non-crowded line. I lucked out there. I have a few very nice pictures of the village and the Hogwarts train.

I found that Universal Studious – Islands of Adventure, while cute, had much left to be desired for an adult wanting to enjoy an amusement park. Some of the cooler rides required that you had a child with you to ride at all, which was sucktastic. While I’d like to get to see the Harry Potter section more closely, I’m not sure it’s worth the price tag to go back just for that when there’s nothing else there to interest me. Eric and I ended up skipping out on the park and going to a movie close to the bus depot (since it would have cost a fortune to take a taxi back to the boat rather than our pre-paid ride).

In Nassau, we took a day at the beach. Or rather, spent some time by the poolside. This excursion was meant to be a break between to adventure excursions. It was a nice, relaxing afternoon at Nassau’s Windham Resort. I spent some time swimming I the pool, finding out just how out of shape I was in the water, while Eric caught some rays on the poolside. Lunch came with the excursion, and we got to try out some of the local Caribbean fare.

In Freeport, we had a scheduled excursion that we blew off. We were going to do a walking tour of the Island at some of the historical sites. Instead, we went shopping outside of the boat at some of the local shops, where Eric picked up a conch shell/horn and I picked up several shell ornaments. These were the only souvenirs that either of us bought on the trip.

Time on the boat was as I remembered it. Much of our time was spent in our room, or on our private balcony deck, just resting, relaxing and reading side by side.

The biggest hitch at all three places was the heat. If I had to choose again, I’d choose a fall cruise, when things are starting to chill again, or a winter or early spring cruise. Going in August was just too hot. But, now I know. And, there will be other cruises within my future. I’m certain of it.

Sigh. Why did I leave the boat?

More to post later.


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