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Debt Musings...

I have almost 23,000 in debt. Part of this is from general expenditures, vacations and things I wanted or needed. Part of this is from the car I purchased in 2007. Part of this is from a time in my life when I was getting myself together; after I moved out of the house I owned with my ex. I had to use my CC for rent during that time, and I was not particularly happy to do it.

This year, I think, is the first year that I can come up with a true game plan in order to take care of that debt. It's agressive and ambitious, and it makes no allowances for things like vactions or additional wants. But, if I follow it, I will be completely debt free by the end of the year, with some spare money left over to pay for Christmas out of pocket.

It's no small feat, at least for me. I came up with this plan because I was challenged to be debt free by the end of the year. This way, next year, I can focus my money on other things, like potentially buying a house, or going on another cruise, without worry.

Also, I wanted the burden of the past to be completely gone. The portion of the debt I incrued while paying for my apartment all those years ago via CC is something that's eaten at me for a long time now. Once I get this all paid off, I feel I can finally and truly close a chapter of my life that I never want to look back on. Until then, it's a constant reminder, and will be a relief when I can finally break that chain.

So, here's to seeing if I can stick to my rather ambitious plan. At the very least, I will see that my car is paid off sometime this year, and I'll still be happy with that accomplishment.


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