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General Updatedness

I figured it was time for me to update with real content vs. book listings that I've read. Though, I will have more books added to that list soon enough.

Saturday, Eric and I held an impromptu cookout for his family. His father and stepmother came over, along with his cousin and his family (wife, +2 kids, + cousin's mother). We had a typical cookout venue: hamburgers, hotdogs, a veggie tray, snacks, salads, brownies, etc. We also had some stuff from the Amish market, like strawberry pie and apple maple sausages. Both the strawberry pie and apple maple sausages were a hit. So much so that Eric and I will likely be getting most of our food for cookouts from the Amish market from now on.

While the day was somewhat hectic, we managed to squeeze in all the cleaning we needed to do, and grocery shopping in the morning half of the day, so we were able to just sit back and relax in the afternoon and wait for guests to arrive, and socialize with them until it was time to cook. We also enjoyed ourselves so much that we've decided to have about one cookout a month. Our next one is in late June.

Wednesday, my oldest sister, Loretta, graduated from Chesapeake College. She's about 16 years older than I am. I cannot express how extremely proud I am of her to go on to futher her education, even at her age. She intends to continue her education with another Associates degree as well. Even more impressive was that there was about an late 70s to early 80s year old woman on the stage getting her diploma as well. I went with my dad, Eric, my sister Susan and her husband David.

Afterwards, we went to Annie's Steakhouse at the Kent Narrows Bridge. We were there late, so the food was just okay and the service was a little bit slow - but as a family we got to sit back and catch up with one another. It was good to be able to just sit back and have an enjoyable meal with people that you genuinely care about more than once in one week.


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