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Friday/Saturday Overview


On Friday evening, my father insisted that I needed to get a professional set of headshots for the audition on Saturday. He told me this at 5:50. The last appointment at the Dover Mall is at 7:00. I was a wreck and told him I needed time to get ready. He said forget it, but I insisted that I can do /something/ to make myself presentable because it was really clear that he wanted to do this for me. So, I had the world's fastest hair washing and pulled it back in a barette. We went to Dover, DE and got the pictures at the mall by The Picture People. None of them were very good - since I had little time to get ready, but I managed to pick out at least two shots that were at least presentable enough that I could use them for the audition.

The Audition

Saturday came around and the first thing my father started doing was rushing me about when I needed to get there, there would be a huge line, yadda, yadda. He was worried, I suppose, that my shot at the audition wouldn't be the best since the audition for The Wedding Crasher was for extras and lots of people tend to show up for those. Well, lots of people did show up, but apparently it wasn't something we needed to worry about. Central Casting from DC were the people organzing the audition, and it really wasn't what you'd call an audition. You filled out their application form and handed in a picture and that was it. But, it was somewhat of a relief that I didn't have to do a reading. I suck at those. Readings. Thankfully, it's just a certain look/image that they're looking for. I donno that I really fit that image, but at least I went and tried. I think it'd be pretty exciting to be in a motion picture, even as an extra. More importantly, I'd have my name in the credits :)

The Arguement

After the audition I went straight to my house in Glen Burnie, MD. When I got there, neither Darrick nor Jennifer had left for their volutneer work at the National Acquarium in Baltimore. They volunteer every other weekend there. In fact, I got there just as they were finishing lunch. I lounged around the house for a little bit then decided that I wanted to go see a movie while waiting to go out to dinner later that night. I saw Ella Enchanted. It's a cute movie, but then I've always liked kid movies. Originally, I was just going to go to stephdray and adamdray's house since I was meeting them for dinner later. However, the movie didn't last that long, so I went back to the house.

Darrick and Jennifer were gardening when I got there. I caught Darrick outside raking leaves and we started chatting. I mentioned I'd be out late and eventually we got on the topic that this week was my last week at work and to expect me to be at the house sometime within the next week or so. He said that "rent" was due in two weeks then. I pointed out to him that we agreed, in writing even, that I wouldn't pay anything until the first month that I actually lived there. I'd already given him $300.00 and again we agreed that it would go to the first month I was actually living there. Well, according to him I moved there in April, even though I've only been there on weekends. And, oh, by the way, the money is gone, so "rent" is due in two weeks' Well, that's not my problem. I told him as much. I pointed out our agreement and even pointed out that Jennifer is living there with him, and asked if she was contributing something. He said she was. I don't believe him. A month ago when I mentioned if she was going to continue living there she would have to pay rent and he said he had everything covered and not to worry about it, which to me means he'd been covering her costs too. If he thinks he's getting money before June, he's wrong. He's not.

Dinner at the Acropolis

I brooded for about 40 mins before heading off to dinner. He'd really upset me! But, I got the brooding over before going to dinner. I met stephdray and adamdray at their house, along with dpassmor and Claire. We chatted for a little bit before going off to the restaurant. The dinner was very nice. Lamb kabobs and flaming cheese, yum! We got to preview some of what might be on the menu for FiranCON. Speaking of menus, the point of going to the restaurant was to /get/ a menu for FiranCON. We did manage to accomplish that task, though not actually set what was going to be on the menu for the FiranCON dinner. After dinner, we decided to rent a few movies and watch them over at Steph and Adam's house. We watched Bull Durham and Dark Blue, the latter of which I ended up sleeping through half *sheepish look*. We stayed up until about 5 am talking. Wowsers! It was late, so I ended up crashing over their place. That's probably a good thing. I don't know what might have happened had I gone back to the house in Glen Burnie, I was that furious.


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Apr. 21st, 2004 11:21 am (UTC)
       *hugs* I am really, really glad that you're going out for auditions. You should follow your dreams. Especially when you're so beautiful and talented.

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