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Planning For a Summer Party

The weather the past two weekends was absolutely beautiful and amazing. We have windows all around our house, so we were able to partake in the wonderful sunshine, much to Eric's chagrin. He's a clouds and overcast person, and I'm a bright and clear person, which means we've got issues with the light in the house too - his dark and gloomy to my bright and cheerful. I need light to function. Too much dark and I have difficulty seeing things, and I become somewhat depressed. But, this weekend was absolutely wonderful. Bright sunshine, wonderful breezes, everything. Unfortunately, I stayed most of the weekend inside - but what bits I did get to experience were good.

This weekend Eric and I spent some time discussing and planning our summer party. What started as a small get together for close friends, has turned into a full blown event for us, as we each decided to start inviting family members and additional friends. As a result, it looks like we'll easily have 50 people invited - though how many will show is another story entirely. And a count at my side of the guest list shows at least 27 from me alone.

To that end, since I already promised people lawn games, I took some time online to search out the various games we wanted. I had gift cards from Christmas left over from Cabela's, so I started my search there; however they were looking pretty pricey there, so I decided to look at other sources. Finally, Amazon.com offered merchandise from the same brand I was reviewing on the Cabela's website, and I was able to purchase not only the Volleyball/Badmitton set, but also Horseshoes and Croquet for less than half the price of those three items combined at the first site I looked at. So, now not only do I have lawn games - which I know that I can tote over to my father's house for our summer picnics and parties too - but I also have the satisfaction of having a good bargain for them.

Additionally, Eric and I have been discussing upgrading and adding decoration to our home. This is an ongoing project, as we've discussed doing this several times in the past. The summer party appears to be the impetus for us to get this done. So, our first project is adding curtains to our home. We have big, beautiful picturesque windows in the living room and bedrooms that overlook the woods and outdoors; these windows take up all of the outside wall space - so there's lots of open space. We're looking at adding dark/hunter/forest green curtains to the three windows (91" W x 71" L) and the back window (102" W x 71" L).

The issue with covering the back window is that it overlooks the back woods and the fields. We see all sorts of critters out there, so it would be a shame to cover it too much. By critters I mean, deer, fox, turkeys, ducks, geese. We see all of these animals, and more, on nearly a daily basis - so we don't truly want to cover the window entirely. So, we're still discussing what to do there.

For the curtain rods, we're getting the dows made custom - since the windows are at such an odd length, and we're adding spear heads to the end – so the dowels will need to fit the spear heads and butts.

This past weekend Eric and I spent time in Dover, DE shopping for curtains. We hit Kohl’s first, but their selection was very small, and they did not have the window sconces we wanted to hold the rods. Next, we hit JC Penneys – which is a much larger store than the one in Easton. Jackpot.

The store in Dover has a whole section devoted to just curtains. There had to have been 20 – 30 displays there, with varying shades, sizes, colors and lengths that you could look at. And, it was easier to see the curtains, and the colors there, than it would have been at the JCP.com website – where I had looked previously. We ended up with heavy sage green drapes from the front of the living room, and the back of the living room, with a set of sheers for the back of the living room as well. We’ll combine the heavy and shears together for the back window, so we can still pull them aside and see the things we really didn’t want to cover up.

All in all, it’s been a productive two weeks – but we’ve still got some stuff to do before the party. We’ll work on that this week and next, and then get all our shopping done. A couple of people have asked for what they can bring, so we’ve assigned a few things like chips and salads and soda to people. We’re really looking forward to the party, and hope the weather holds out for us.


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