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Christmas Engagement

For anyone who knows me well, they would know that the holidays are a time that I love and enjoy, no matter the holiday. It’s a time that I get together with my family, and catch up with them. There may be a few that I dedicate to other tasks, like FiranCON on Memorial Day or New Years with friends, but otherwise they’re spent with my family. This Christmas was no different, with the small exception that this Christmas was a bit better and brighter than most. For, you see, Eric proposed, and I said yes. But, there’s more to the story than that. So, this post is a retelling, of sorts, of what’s come to pass not just on Christmas, but through part of the year.

Eric and I have been talking about the possibility of marriage off and on, and what our preferences might be. He was married once, and not eager to jump back into that situation, which I can understand – so it wasn’t something I was going to pressure him into. In May, he asked if we’d been dating long enough to get married. Having never been married before, I think my reply was – I’m not sure what the protocols are for how long a person should be dating to get married – but I’d be open to the idea, certainly, but he would have to ask me. He responded with he wasn’t sure about protocols either, but he’d been considering it. We left the conversation there.

In the beginning of June, my sister Loretta graduated from college (again). He and I attended, along with my dad, my sister Susan and her husband. Afterwards, we went out to dinner, and Susan kept pointing at her ring finger and Eric, and then looking at me pointedly. I did not have a ring, and she was asking when I was going to get one. She mentioned something about not waiting 11 years this time, as my college boyfriend and I had been together that long without him popping the question, and I replied that I wouldn’t be. We had a giggle over it, but Eric was pretty clueless about the conversation. I wouldn’t tell him at dinner, but I mentioned it in the car.

At the end of June, Eric and I traveled to his brother’s house in Virginia to have a cookout with his family. His nieces pulled me aside to have a very serious private discussion with me. They wanted to know if Eric and I were getting married. I told them no, because I hadn’t been asked, and then asked them why – and they both said they wanted us to get married. I also told them I’d be open to the idea, but that Eric would have to ask me. We went on to talk about other things, and later on, on the way home, I let Eric know about the conversation.

In July, the subject was broached once more. Eric informed me that he’s decided he definitely wanted to marry me. It was a declaration, but he hadn’t asked me. Not yet. I responded with my typical ‘Okay’, acknowledging his comment, and proceeded to ask him a few questions. Again, I didn’t want to push the subject. Especially, by that point, there were other people pushing on my behalf; my sister Susan, and her daughter namely.

Fast forward to a few days before Christmas:

E: Lisa, honey, we can’t get married. It’s too expensive!

L: Oh? Why do you say that?

And, Eric went on to explain that all the rings he’d been looking at were well out of his price range. Meanwhile, as you can imagine, my heart was going a flutter. I suggested the one store where he usually got my stuff, and he considered checking it out. But, in the meantime – he proposed that we consider getting engaged, instead, on my birthday which gave him more time to find a ring. This was fine by me, and though he didn’t ask yet, I knew he was planning on it.

Christmas Day.

The morning started with Eric rolling out of bed well before me. I slept in. Eventually, the morning light flickered just enough that I could no longer sleep in, so I grudgingly rolled out of bed and into the kitchen. We discussed our plans for the day, and I waited while he showered to get breakfast ready – since he proposed making it together. We had bacon and blueberry waffles. He made the bacon, I made the waffles. I also made him open the one gift that was in the fridge. Eric likes cheeses of all kinds, so I had bought him an assortment, along with a summer sausage and some mustard.

Once breakfast was over we were going to open gifts. Eric is a hard person to buy for, since he won’t give you a list. So, I was pretty excited to have him open the gifts I bought him this year. I tend to listen to things he wants all year, and then store that information away for his birthday and Christmas. So, I plucked his gifts up from under the tree, and placed them before him.

E: So, who should we do first, me or you?

L: You. I’ve been waiting for you to get to open them.

E: No, I think we’ll do you first.

He told me he had been planning to do it after dinner with the family, but because I had insisted on opening gifts in the morning, that he couldn’t resist. And, so, he presented me with a ring and proposed. I, of course, said yes – and we kissed (of course there was kissing!)

Eric was so excited that he went and called his brother and his mother right away, and texted his cousin Joe. His father lives nearby, so we finished getting ready and went to exchange gifts with them, and tell them. Afterwards, we went to my dad’s house for dinner.

It was my job to tell my family, since he told his. My plan was to wait until dinner to tell everyone, since that’s when we’d all be in the same room together. However, apparently before that time, Eric had already spilled the beans to my sister, Susan. Because, throughout the afternoon, she hinted about it. I’d like to think I did a pretty good job of not giving things away to her, but I’m pretty sure I also had a quirky smile on my face every time I said, ‘Huh? What? I don’t know what you’re talking about. Oh, can you – Oh! Look over there, see what – etc…’ Diverting the conversation away from the topic.

Eventually, everyone did sit down for dinner, and I broke the news. My sister Sandy was pretty funny. Her response was, ‘What? I thought you guys were already engaged!’. But overall, I’m pretty sure they were all happy for me.

And, that’s the story of how I got engaged on Christmas Day.


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Dec. 28th, 2011 02:03 pm (UTC)
That's so wonderful! I can't tell you how happy I am for you. Congratulations!! And you'll truly have a Christmas to remember for years to come! :)
Dec. 28th, 2011 09:12 pm (UTC)
I am so happy for you. Love you Little Sister. You deserve the best. I know with Eric you will always be happy.
Dec. 29th, 2011 01:08 am (UTC)
Thank you, everyone!
Dec. 29th, 2011 01:26 am (UTC)
I am soo happy for you two! I wish you nothing but happyness!
Dec. 29th, 2011 12:44 pm (UTC)
Thank you, Ed!
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