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Worst Week Ever...

I haven't been updating LiveJournal much lately because I've been pretty busy with some other things; playing some WoW, working on balancing Firan with other projects, and planning a wedding.

However, I felt that stuff going on this week deserves a bit of LJ time. I have officially benchmarked this week as my Worst Week EVER - of 2012. For now. I'm sure something else could happen to trump it.

During Memorial Day weekend, the windshield in my car got a ding in it from a thrown stone on the highway. I'd been in the process of figuring out how to get it repaired, and finally had an appointment scheduled for Monday afternoon. From the time that I made the appointment Monday morning, until I was waiting for the repair guy to show up on Monday afternoon, the ding went into a full fledged crack across the windshield. Needless to say, I was more than a tad upset about the matter. To top it off, the repair guy that showed up quoted the repair at $1,000.00, which means I would have had to shell out $500 for the deductible. I needed the work done, so I rescheduled for Wednesday.

I talked to Eric about the quote and what not when I got home, and we mutally agreed to call around to other places. Wednesday morning, Eric found someone local to home who was able to do the repair for just over $300. Which was good, because the thought of losing extra wedding money was stressing me out. $300 was part of my emergency fund and something I could more easily manage. We rescheduled the appointment for Thursday afternoon, but because the repair was being done locally, I was out of a car for the day. I cancelled the appointment through the insurance company's glass program, and reported the false quote of $1,000 to replace the windshield at the executive level.

Enter Mr. Henry, Eric's boss, who graciously allowed me to borrow his Infinity SUV for Thursday's work. All day I was worried about something happening to the car. I nervously joked about it all day, and it seems like I was just borrowing trouble for doing so. For what happened on the way home? I got rear ended not but a few miles away from work.

Traffic was bad and we were all moving slow. I was slowing down behind a car, and the pickup truck behind me was pretty much on my rear end the whole time. However, I saw him slowing down behind me too. When I glanced away, everything was okay, but then a few moments later there was that dreaded BUMP and my head hit the back of the headrest; thankfully it was a very soft headrest. I pulled over to the side of the road, and immediately called Eric, who was very reassuring, which was good - because emotionally I was a wreck. Even though the accident was not my fault and I was completely okay physically, you cannot imagine how horrible I felt about it. It was pretty much my worst fear of the day come to fruition.

I spent most of last night trying to not to think about it, and canceled the RP scene that I had wanted to do on Firan. I played some WoW, but not much, and then turned to watching some TV - but even that was not zen enough for me. So, eventually I just called it a night.

Today, I don't feel any better about the situation, and can only hope that today's traffic doesn't appear as brutal as yesterday's.



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Jun. 16th, 2012 12:54 am (UTC)
poor thing. hope it got better.
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