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Monday Overview - Body Paint!

Well, not really body paint, though it seemed like that after I got finished everything I was doing. I took Monday off work specifically so I could paint my bedroom in Glen Burnie. Pale Green! All four walls are a very beautiful pale green. Yay! And it goes nicely with everything that I've already purchased for the pale green - bed spreads, quilts, comforters, etc. I can't wait until I move my curtains from home into that room as well. They'll go very nicely.

Oh, there were painting casualties of course. My hand was dripping in paint at one time when one of my rollers busted in the middle of doing my first wall, but I mended it and used it for the second wall, but gave up on it after the second wall and got out my spare roller.

I waited for it all to dry and moved my furniture back into place. I think the green will be a nice color for that room. It's nice and bright and while green, somewhat sunny. I can't wait to see what my sister will do for a border decoration. That's my Xmas present from her this year, assuming I let her go through with it. Or rather, last year. She wanted to make something for me, and I wanted a border for my room. But with the way things are going with Darrick, I'm starting to hedge and second guess some of my decisions. We'll see.


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