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Last Weekend at a Glance

Friday, April 23rd

This was my last day at work. They gave me a party. Yay parties. We had lasagna and salad and garlic bread and CAKE! The kind with the whipped topping. Mmm. Whipped topping. I also got a balloon and flowers. The flowers came in a tiny painted wheelbarrow that I took with me. We also got off early on Friday, which was a plus. Yay for leaving early!

So, I gathered my things together and went across the bridge to Glen Burnie, like I do every weekend. This particular Friday I was going to ironman's house to play Star Wars. He was the GM and we were playing with gwyndyn, bluekitsune and adamdray. I play a scoundrel named Lyla Striker. The game was interesting and incredibly amusing. It started out with some of us already knowing the other, which I think worked really well. We've got an interesting mix of characters; a techie with a large gambling debt, a miss priss noble gambler, the alien ship's captain who's a Twi'lek, and Lyla - I go where the cred is scoundrel. I fear that I will be spending most of my time keeping the noble woman, I know not what subtlety is, from getting killed :) Oh, and she doesn't like to be touched either. The game ended early, around 9ish. So we watched the first Star Wars movie (A New Hope).

Afterward, I went home and then jumped online for a bit to see what was going on. I managed to chat a bit with kralentor to see if he wanted to do anything on Sunday. He did. Yay! And somewhere in the process I got talked into doing something else too, but it was all in good fun. :)

Saturday, April 24th

Saturday rolls around. Busy, busy day for me! Not only did I have to clean my ca (at least the inside), but I had to go to a bridal shower for stephdray's sister, Jen, and then later go to another game; this time D&D - but wih the same group of people. The car cleaning was interesting. I discovered a few of the things I was missing. Yay! Funny how that works, eh? The bridal shower was fun.

I was introduced to Steph and Jen's mother as kralentor's date, and for some reason she poured on some sympathy over that fact. Hrm. Makes one wonder. :) The bridal shower was a Tea Party. The food was good, some of it was... interesting. Like the odd looking finger sandwiches, but I definitely did not leave with an empty stomach. The hotel was beautiful. Jen got lots of presents and some very interesting marriage advice from a few people.

I went to the game straight from the hotel, and the first thing I did when I got to the apartment we were playing at was change out of the dress I was wearing for said Tea Party. Ugh. Dresses. I hate dresses. I own two. Though, I suspect I'll have to go buy another one soon. I don't mind doing that, but.... dresses!

Sunday, April 25th

Sunday started a bit late for me. Or, rather, early at first, then late. I got up at like 7:30 am and then decided to go back to bed at 9:00 am and then slept until 12:00 pm, and realized I needed to get up. I was meeting with kralentor at 2:00 pm to go out. Seems like getting up late was catching, or staying in bed late, whichever way you see it. He got a late start too, so we ended up meeting up a bit later, which suited me fine. We went to go see Man on Fire. It was a very good movie. I liked the emotional aspect tied to it between the little girl and Creasey, and it had some nice character development - though I would have liked to know more about Creasey's background, but I suppose enough was given to show why he was a troubled man. kralentor was tired, so he went home early. I'm finding that I like spending time with him more and more.


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May. 2nd, 2004 04:11 pm (UTC)
and you didnt save and cake for me? :(
May. 2nd, 2004 08:25 pm (UTC)
There's still some left, but will likely get thrown away after this weekend.
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