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NY Wedding

My friend, Jackie McCaulley, got married this weekend. She's the daughter of frineds of my parents. We met in Crisfield, MD, which is a sleepy waterman's town in southern Maryland along the Chesapeake Bay. Every year my parents would drag us to St. Jane's Island campground, a state park, to meet with Jackie's parents, Bertha and Clay, and later Bertha's new husband Henry after Clay died, and another family, Ron and Amy. We went there religiously until I was about oh, 12 or 13, every year since I could remember. The last time we went was the year I went to college 1992.

Jackie has a brother and a sister, both older than her. Melvin and Melanie. She never knew her father, Clay McCaulley. I think he died when she was 1 or 2. They owned a boat that Ron (sometimes called Butch) and Amy ended up purchasing from them (I think) called the Melanie Sue. Ron and Amy had two children of their own. Sherry, a spitfire redhead, and Shiela. You'd think that four or five kids would be enough of a terror, but you're forgetting my own siblings. Loretta (who I think only maybe went once or twice), Sandy, Sherry, Susan and myself.

My fondest childhood memories were during the week that we'd stay at the campground during the summer. One week once a year. Jackie was much closer to my age, but is 4 years younger than me - and her siblings were much older than me, closer to my sister's ages (the youngest of which is 9 years older than me), same with Shiela and Sherry. So, Jackie and I always got stuck staying at the campground while they went fishing. In Crisfield, the only thing to do, quite literally, is to fish and crab. She and I became fairly close.

We have some rather humerous storie about those week vactions too. Amy, for instance, fell off the Melanie Sue attempting to relieve herself. Sherry, Susan, Shiela and Sherry (yes, I know there's two Sherry's there) managed to cause a blackout in the entire campground - all of them using blowdryers at once. And Jackie and I used to pretend we were great riders of some import on the playground, both of us sharing a passion for horses.

When we stoppped going to Crisfield, Jackie and I grew apart. We wrote occassionally, but I wasn't very good at writing back. I enjoyed seeing her agai this weekend, and hope that sometime in the future we might get to see each other and really get the opportunity to catch up with one another. Weddings are not the best place for that.

All in all I had a good time, even if I was a bit bored. The area they live in is perhaps worse than where I'm currently staying with my father. Very rural and backwater. And, she was very beautiful in her white wedding gown. It's made me wonder if I will ever meet the right person that would want to settle down with me. (Hush, to those of you I told I never wanted to get married. And hush to those of you who said 'I told you so.') I'm sure that time will come, but I'm still in no rush.


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