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Saturday was an odd day for me. I woke up with every intention to do some work today on unpacking but instead found ways to slack off. I was even up a bit earlier than I usually am, now that I don't need to rush to be up in the mornings just yet. I got a shower and got ready for friends being over, even if they weren't coming until much later in the afternoon.

After I got my shower I started to panic. The house was an absolute mess! Well, from a nitpicky cleaners standpoint, it was. I was honestly embarrased to have guests over. There was dog hair all over the place, both upstairs and downstairs. So, since Maggie was over Darrick's folk's house for the weekend (he went to a wedding this weekend with Jennifer) I decided that everything was getting vacuumed, including the hard floors upstairs. There's just no other way really to get /that/ much dog hair up off the floor. Sweeping is a disaster because it just moves the hair all over the floor and it goes flying. So, I get the upstairs clean and the downstairs. The only thing left to clean is the guest bath but I decided to wait for another time for that, and it sorely needs it.

So, at lunchtime I went to the grocery store and got some lunch meants, bread and pb&j (a classic) for lunch and I stopped off at Blockbuster to finish processing my application. They wouldn't accept it the night before, but they did Saturday. I rented three movies: The Last Samurai, Matchstick Men and Pitch Black. I got back to the house, made sandwiches and went downstairs to go watch the movies - after finding everything for my DVD player in order to hook it up to the television.

I put The Last Samurai in since that's the movie that has to be back the earliest. It's a 2 day rental vs a weekly rental for the other two movies. It's not a bad movie, and I was glad that I finally got to see it. While watching the movie and waiting for Eric and Debbie to arrive, I decided to tear apart the living room and unpack a few more things. When Eric and Debbie finally got here, I had books strewn all over the living room floor. Whee. But I don't feel so bad about that, because the last time I went over their house, Debbie had things all over their floor too - cleaning.

We ended up finishing our Shadowrun game from last week. For a mission that was SUPPOSED to be quiet, we ended up blasting our way through the entire section of the compound that we were infiltrating. BUT! We got the computer we wanted, plus there was only one casualty (gel rounds are a godsend when you don't want to kill anyone) and no one caught us doing it. Cheer! The session ended abotu 10:00 pm, which isn't bad all around with just 2 players who aren't used to strategizing.

So, afterward I went back to rearranging my living room shelves and also unpacking. It sucks. Unpacking that is. I still have stuff strewn all over the place as I am writing this. I think my break is over, and so I think I will be going back to that.


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May. 23rd, 2004 10:30 pm (UTC)
*shocked* it was just ok, OK!!!! I LOVE that movie!!!!
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