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Weekend Eventing...

Thus far, the weekend has turned out to be pretty good overall. It didn't turn out quite exactly how I planned, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. To save time and space, because I got rather wordy, here is the .

Friday - Out on the Town

Friday I was at my father's home in Centreville until about 1:00 pm. I fiddled around the house, watched a little TV and then went off to Glen Burnie to my house there. I watched some TV there, checked in online and then decided to go find the site for the wedding later that afternoon.

The wedding site wasn't too hard to find, though I was rather vexed with how the roads are labled in Columbia, MD. They're not on regular green and white street signs. On no. They're on tiny little, square blue and white street signs. And, the street on one side of the road could be named differently than the street on the other side of the road. So, I didn't actually find the road until after I'd gone around the entire highway and double backed, only to find the one I wanted was 2 street lights away from where I first entered.

Feeling a little silly, and that task accomplished, I stopped by Arundel Mills Mall on the way home in order to some last minute shopping. I stopped in a few stores, walked around the entire mall, and then went to see a movie. I saw Raising Helen. This was a /very/ good movie, at least I thought it was anyway. It had a nice plot, some humor and I feel a story that was well worth seeing. Now, it's a chick flick, but I feel it's a good family movie too. I'll leave the actual plot or enticers to the previews, but it comes highly recommended from someone who's already seem it.

Afterwards, I went home, fiddled around and went to bed since Saturday would be an early day for me.

Saturday - The Wedding

Saturday started off early. I got up around 7:00 am to ensure that I'd be awake. I'd ended up leaving my alarm clock at home afterall, so I used my cell phone to wake me up. Yay for cell phones with alarms! I checked in online, read some email and then watched TV for a bit until I was awake enough to get ready. I made sure I had plenty of time to do everything I needed before hopping off to the wedding site. I wanted to get there early to ensure I had parking, and it turns out I was the first guest there.

I was greeted by the harpist first, who confirmed where the wedding would be held outside, and we had a lovely discussion about the cicadas. Basically, they're big, dumb bugs with red eyes that don't see too well. Thankfully, they weren't that bad during the wedding, since the morning turned out to be nice and cool. Cicadas apparently do not like cold weather; though they were certainly more active and much louder in the afternoon as they day wore on and warmed up.

The wedding itself was wonderful. It was small, but big enough not to be too overwhelming. The bride, Jen, looked absolutely beautiful and the groom, Chris, didn't look too bad himself. Steph and Adam both looked wonderful as well, and Paul in a tux was well worth seeing :) The reception was fun and the food was good. bluekitsune made a point of ensuring that we all danced at least once - she was certainly be-bopping around the floor herself!

All and all the day was very fun and tiring, but in a relaxed sort of way. The festivities didn't end with the reception for me. I was invited out for some after wedding downtime, which I gladly accepted. It was nice to sit, relax, chat and later go to the movies with Steph, Adam and Paul.

Sunday - Chillin' at Home

So, Sunday was fraught with all the normal celebratory family obligations for Memorial Day weekend. This year, I was actually home for Memorial Day weekend. Usually I'm off doing other things, celebrating with friends. It was nice to be home and to be able to chat with at least three of my four sisters. Loretta, Sherry and Susan came, with other respective family members. We had a nice little cook out, though sadly the pool was not yet ready to swim in. My father assured us though that we'd be able to next week.

I played the 'good socialite' sister - which usually I'm not - and was out with them for at least two or three hours before escaping. There is such a thing as family overload, afterall, and so I sought to avoid that. I told Susan about my weekend's exploits, as we've become closer to her over the years, and I showed her a few pictures to give her faces to the names of some of the people I'd been talking about, that way they're not some nameless entity. Though, really, it's not my fault she didn't come to the house warming!

Later, Loretta decided to play 'horse breaker' and ride her mare for the first time in her life. The experience was... interesting. Fancy wasn't too appreciative of the extra added weight on her back, and spooked at something, which caused her to buck and rear, which caused Loretta to fall off. She's 45, mind you, so if she breaks her bones, they're not going to be fast to mend! Though, thankfully, nothing was broken.

And so, now you find me here, updating my journal after the weekend's adventures. Hopefully, I can find some time to go back to Glen Burnie since I came back to the Eastern Shore much earlier than expected. I have a movie to return, and some clothes to get so I can accomplish those other tasks mentioned a previous post.


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