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This Week

Melancholy seems to aptly describe my mood this week. I'm not sure the entire reason why, but I'm certainly sure of some of the contributors. Lots of little things adding up into one big picture have combined to make me feel more melancholy than usual, and even somewhat anxious. It's strange. I'm not usually like that.


Before I leave the house I'm told that I don't have to rush home. That dad isn't having his surgery this week. His eye doctor had to cancel my father's cataract surgery due to a family emergency so my father had to reschedule. My portion in this was that I had to take him to the hospital and back one day, then to the doctor's and back the next. Normally, I'd be happy, but I'd already arranged things so I could be home for the week. Instead, his appointments get rescheduled for next week.

So, having lots of spare time now, I set about calling Kelly Services to see if I could get set up as a temp at their agency. They got my email with my resume, but never called me back like they said they would. This wasn't very encouraging. Thankfully, Sunday I picked up the Baltimore Sun like I'd planned. I haven't yet called them back, but I plan to check into this sometime this week. I have that 'I need to work NOW' bug going for me. It's time to rejoin the working world.

Tuesday -> Thursday

These days were relatively quiet. There were nice, calm, cool days with light breezes dancing through the window of my bedroom in Centreville, when it wasn't raining. I spent most of my time avoiding MUSHing, and instead watching television, though I did get in quite a few pretty good RP scenes during the week and made a few executive decisions on my own game.

Most of my week was indeed spent in front of the television. However, on Thursday I decided to try out my father's exercise bike. I was on it for the 3rd program, which was 30 mins of biking through the different levels of resistance. I was surprised I lasted the entire 30 minutes. Friday I chose to do it again, but only lasted 17 minutes then. I realized /why/ I only lasted 17 minutes. His bike machine is the most UNCOMFORTABLE thing to sit on. Bleh. It so doesn't encourage anyone to use it a second or third time. Bleh. Bleh.


Friday I was being all indecisive. I wanted to see a movie. The only one I hadn't seen yet was 13 Going on 30, and it was at a movie theatre with hellacious parking. Parking at the Annapolis Harbor Center is more hellacious than the Muvico at Arundel Mills. Bleh. Thankfully, bluekitsune came to my rescue and suggested renting a movie and hanging out. I waited and waited and waited, and finally decided to take her up on her offer. I'm glad I did. We ate first at Don Pablos, then went to get groceries for her party the next day and went to Hollywood Video and rented Legally Blonde2. Great movie! If you want lots of laughs. It was muchly needed and was much fun. Though, the melancholy was still there.


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Jun. 6th, 2004 02:39 pm (UTC)
       That movie was a bit...disconcerting. But the 'leather daddy' scene was the best.

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