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Pottering About

Friday - Forgotten Tidbit

I forgot to mention that on Friday I also sent out about 10 resumes to various organizations around the Glen Burnie, Annapolis, Baltimore, Howard County area. I can only hope that someone calls me back. I'd prefer to go on an interview than go through a temp agency, but if I must temp, I shall.

House Warmings and Pottering About

Saturday I went to bluekitsune's apartment for her house warming party. She'd just moved in about 2 weeks ago and was finally getting settled. Yah settled house! It's an absolutely amazing apartment. Lots of space. It looks like it could be a bit awkward if you don't know how to handle it, but she did an amazing job with what she had. There's a designated 'dining' and 'living' room area in this long room. Very good.

She had lots of friends over and her sister came. Got to meet some of her non-Firan friends, and one thusly said I was "real" after discovering I was one of her Firan/computer friends. We chated for af ew hours, and then we went to go see Harry Potter at the nearby movie theater. Yay Harry Potter. The movie was good, but there were parts of it that seemed, I don't know, disjointed. It felt very much like it skipped through time very quickly and I got the feeling that I missed quite a good deal. I'm sure I did, having never read the books. I think now is a good time to go get them, especially if they decide to push through the next few movies of the series like they did this one. And! Everyone is so grown up! I think that was part of the problem too. It was so wierd to see young Harry Potter and his friends coming of age :)

After the movie, we went to Hops for dinner. I'd never been there before. This restaurant didn't understand the concept of our wanting to wait for a table. We had a party of 8. First, they wanted to sit us in this LONG booth, where all the chairs were on the same side. We said no, we were fine with waiting for a table to be set up. Then, they wanted to sit us at the bar. Again, we said no, we'll wait for a table. They were fairly concerned for us that it would take 15-20 mins. That's nothing really. We were willing to wait. It was some time before they finally got back to us, but eventually we did get our tables as we requested. Yay! And about time. We were hungry! Dinner was good, conversation was good, though I didn't talk much, and the night ended on a positive note.


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Jun. 6th, 2004 08:20 pm (UTC)
Don't forget the Catholic school girl outfits!
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