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New Years Eve

So, the family - er.... well, my father, my oldest sister and I - went ahead and did the "usual" this year for NYE. The "usual" consists of a dinner and a movie. Except this year, rather than starting off really late and getting back really late, we started off early and got back early. Quite the change.

We got to Dover Mall in Delaware (easier to get to and no bridge toll and no tax!) at 2:30 and grabbed the 2:45 showing of Return of the King. I was absolutely enthralled by the movie - so much so that I temporarily forgot about everything that'd been going on lately. Oh, Darrick was missed, but not as much as I thought he might be. I consider that a good thing for me.

Then, we went to dinner at Ruby Tuesday's, which is located at the opposite end of the Mall. The menu's changed quite a bit from what I remember it, and since there's one down the road from us at work we usually frequent it, much to the chagrin of my wallet. I got the tips, my father got the tips and my sister got something from the low carb menu.

Dinner was.... interesting. I had to send my meal back as well as my father. We both asked for different additions to our dinners and I ended up never getting mine and he had to have stuff added to his. We got $4.00 off the bill because of the mistake. The poor waiter was pretty busy too and I felt bad about sending him back and forth, especially after the person who sent my dinner back, which wasn't our waiter, didn't care to check back with me or anything or let me know what was going on. Bleh.

My father and sister went to bed early, while I stayed up gaming for a bit and watched the Ball drop on television. All in all, it was a mild, happy day.


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