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Thursday, July 1st - FiranCon - Day 1

My weekend officially started on Thursday. I picked Becky up at the airport at 3:00. She was coming to Baltimore from Florida by train, a 20 hour ride one way. It took me an hour and a half to find her. With a bunch of mixed signals between the two of us and a couple of cell phones, we eventually found one another. She thought I'd meet her at the upstairs dropoff, where I thought she would meet me at the downstairs dropoff.

I took her to my house in Glen Burnie, MD, where we hung out before going to Legal Seafood. We were meeting several other Firan players that night for a pre-Con dinner. My house was actually pretty clean and, of course, my table was taken apart in lieu of Jennifer's. Becky wanted to take Jennifer's down and replace it with mine, but I wo uldn't let her. She told me that Urtenia told her she should get a VooDoo doll and of Darrick and stab it with pins. She was saying 'Stabby Stabby' all weekend after that. Beckie and I also decided that if anything went wrong during the weekend, like my driving around trying to find her for so long, that it would be blamed on the heat and the fact that we were having a full moon that weekend. Full moons are always bad, crazy things.

Before going to Legal Seafood, we stopped by bluekitsune's house. She answered the door before I could even knock. It was eerie, and it left me somewhat startled. She was talking to Mike on the phone, giving him directions. I felt bad because she hadn't even had time to relax after her horrible day at work, so Becky and I were pretty quiet while she took some time to destress. We hung out for a little bit chatting and working on name badges for the Con and eventaully went to Legal Seafood.

Dinner was great, for a seafood place. I hate seafood. I got steak, so all was well. Mmm. Steak! During dinner, Steph asked our waitress for an empty wine bottle. The waitress wanted to know if we were going to do anything illegal with it, and after assuring her that we were not she gave it to Steph. Mike was terribly harrassed by the waitress. He didn't eat all of his vegetables, so she threatened to cut off his Diet Coke supply. Dessert was excellent. I had lemon sorbet. It was.... very.... lemony. At 10:40 pm, 40 minutes after the place closed, we all said our goodbyes. Steph almost forgot her wine bottle, but she was able to dash in and get it. It was a prop for the LARP.

I had to run to the airport to get Vickie - another Con Goer - also in from Florida, so I didn't go back with everyone else since it was in the opposite direction from the airport. I got a little lost while in Baltimore, but after a bit of time and with a stroke of luck, I found my way onto Martin Luther King Blvd and eventually back onto 295 and pointed in the right direction toward the airport. This was a good thing, because I was on a verge of panic. I do not like being lost. I like being lost less in the middle of the night in a strange city when it's dark out. I absolutely hate driving places where I have no clue as to where I'm going, and what's worse, I /knew/ where I was supposed to go, and got lost anyway, because I temporarily forgot my turn. *grump*

I managed to make great time getting to the airport, despite my small delay getting there, and finding Vickie did not prove to be the task that finding Becky was earlier in the day, so our blunder there was redeemed a bit. Vickie and I chatted a bit before I toddled off for bed around 1:30 am so I could be well rested for our first day of con.


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