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Friday, July 2nd - FiranCon - Day 2

Friday started out with me hearing the unwelcome clatter of 'clippity clop' across my hallway floor. It was either Jennifer or Darrick, not at all concerned about the other sleeping denizens of the house, on their way out to work or getting ready to go. It turns out it was Darrick. I saw him pulling out of the driveway as I got up and went downstairs. I was puzzled that he left the door open, but then I noticed Vickie outside, smoking, so my temporary bafflement was shelved away.

Urtenia got to BWI early. She was my other charge for the weekend. I'd promised to take her to the hotel. After doing some last minute checking of things on the internet, we ran off to get her at BWI and then shoved off to the hotel. Getting to the hotel turned into a small adventure. None of us had any directions, so we were playing things by ear. Once we got to Hartford county on 95, I knew something was wrong. We called Joel and he straightened us out. I turned around and we eventually got to the hotel after turning around at least 2 other times; after taking the wrong 695 exit and turning the wrong direction onto Philadelphia Road to get to the hotel. I thought that Vickie and Urtenia were going to kill me for all the times I had to turn around. Thankfully, I had a map, which Urtenia consulted for me, so finding the hotel wasn't a big deal after we were pointed in the right direction.

At the hotel, we met up with a bunch of other people that were going to join us for lunch. Kath had set up a luncheon for herself, David, Vickie and I originally, which sorta grew into something larger; which was perfectly fine for me, I was excited to see other people at Con so soon! We didn't have a place picked out, and David was running late, so we were shoved into the meeting room/conference room, down the hall in the hotel. I think we were scaring their customers or something at how loud we were being in the front lobby. We eventually decided on going to Bennigans across the street. I'd never seen such a white faced waitress when we all walked in at once and told her 17 people would be joining them for lunch. They were really fantastic about accomodating us, and even gave us one long table where we could all sit, rather than splitting us up.

Friday was the 'Meet and Greet' part of Con. We had finger foods and lots of sodas and water and other things to drink. It started at 6:00 pm. I helped Lilana and Machi's player with setting up the room so we all had places to sit and at least another table for the food that kept arriving, and people started coming in right on time. Pia's player made gifts for everyone, personally etched glasses with the Firan logo and FCV - for FiranCon Five. They were great! We also got our name tags them as well. It was much easier to talk to everyone once we knew their names! At least, I thought so. Earlier, we'd been hanging out in the hallway chattering away and introducing ourselves. That was somewhat awkward. Name tags always make things easier.

The drinking, for some, also started early. We managed to commandeer a room. I think it was Alyosha and Pakeera's room, but I'm not too sure. I know it was at least /one/ of those two. We stayed there for hours and hours. The rookies made a great sacrifice in being very gracious about our taking over their room. It happens every con, that we end up just hanging out somewhere in the hotel and staying there for long hours at a time. But, that's what makes it so fun sometimes!

I did wander away for a bit and went back to my room. I was there for about an hour to get away from all the loud clattering noise and to recompose myself. The fact that Darrick wasn't there to share everything with me hit me pretty hard. So, I really needed to get away from everything. I was being particularly emotional this weekend, just like I suspected I would. After calming down a bit, I focued on styling my hair and letting it down, for which I got bunches of compliments. It was back in a ponytail earlier in the day. It also got my mind off of everything and gave me something to focus on for a bit that wasn't Con or Darrick related.

Eventually, after much socializing, I went to bed around 2:30 am. We had the LARP to do the next day, so I wanted to be well rested. Plus, we had the FiranCon signature luncheon at the Acropolis. I wasn't about to miss a lunch that I had helped cater! I was also tired of all the crowds, being an introvert. I needed my space away from the people again. It's very exhausting and draining for me to be surrounded by so many different personalities. But, it /was/ good to see everyone and to meet al the Con rookies. The day ended on a positive note and... I.... er.... spent $498 on a new camera (which I've somehow managed to get all scratched up already) and extras for it. The pictures I took with it are fantastically awesome! I'll post the ones I have as soon as I get an opportunity to do so.


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Jul. 8th, 2004 06:29 am (UTC)
Grr That Man. I should have kicked him in the shins that morning before he left O:)

You are an absolute saint for picking me up, letting me crash and then getting us to the hotel. I'm almost glad we got a little lost because we got to talk a bit before the Con :) And hee...lunch was fun!
Jul. 8th, 2004 11:13 pm (UTC)
Pakeera here... I was crashing with Lilana, Kachina & Neesha, so I'm pretty sure it wasn't my room y'all commandeered. Course, it woulda bin cool if ya did. Yay Con!
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