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Saturday , July 3rd - FiranCon - Day 3

Saturday I woke up bright and early, 6:00 am. There were some people still crazy enough to be awake then!!! I probably should have gone back to sleep. but I was too curious to see who'd still been up. So, I wanted an hour, hanging out with those still in the hallway, then went to breakfast. Mmmm. I made belgian waffles, since they were the hotel who had the waffle machine. It was well worth getting up for! But, I instantly went back to bed right after. I slept for another four hours, more or less, to prepare for the long haul that Saturday would be.

The Con luncheon came first, our traditional Con dinner, complete with Firanlike games afterward. Since I had my nifty new camera, I took the opportunity to take lots of pictures. Well, lots for me, anyway. I used my nifty camera throughout the weekend. Normally, I don't take lots of pictures, but I had fun doing so this time. That, and I was secure in the fact that I could download them to any computer I wanted with my USB cable.

The player awards, as usual, were very funny. Steph and Adam gave Pia, Melissa and I tile boxes, complete with chocolate truffles, as gifts for doing so much to help out with FiranCon. I was very touched at their sentiment. We, in turn, managed to surprise Steph and Adam with a gift of our own, which Kath orchestrated. They received two papyrus scrolls with personalized messages from the players, plus a gift certificate to the Hyatt for a one night stay and dinner. They were most certainly surprised and touched by our own gift to them. Those players going to Con contributed. Jazayeri ran the pentathalon (really a triathalon), which went very smoothly. Nuri and Nicolette ran the Impersonate a Noble contest, which was extremely funny. Taleo and his wife Jennifer ran the kissing contest, though I only remember that Mike won the guys side of the kissing contest and is one of two reigning champions for next year.

We received our LARP sheets at the end of all the games and had the next two hours to relax, and boy did I need it! I spent some of the time fixing up my palla to make certain there were no split ends. I ended up making a costume anyway for the Con. The hem of my palla was coming unravelled, so I rolled it up and sewed it some more, since I brought my mini-sewing machine. Everyone's costumes looked absolutely amazing this year, though they do every year.

For the LARP, I played Taleena Oshta, and oh how her night was hellish! It started out with her meeting her fiance, Torinaos, at the White Dove with Inaya, Urtenia and her father. We had this long drawn out arguement about how Taleena wouldn't be caught dead in the Dove, and what won out was that it was likely Taria's last, dying wish (which it wasn't, that brat Nyla!). So, she gave in and had her tenting /inside/ the Dove, against her wishes. If that was not bad enough, she became victim to the plague during her Firanized version of the wedding, while waiting for the guests to arrive before we got it underway. She inadvertantly gave it to Inaya as well. Rislan attempted to save the day by giving her what he thought would be a cure, but she was only cured after Leonus got Odoni to come so a potion could be made for Taleena, which Torianos paid for. Taleena was cured!

Meanwhile, Inaya was laying on her deathbed, while Taleena's brother, Judanus, was running back and forth, asking for her to come to his aid via messenger, trying to save his own life. He'd been accused of murder, and his wife Juneva with him. The only time she ever really saw any of her brothers was on her potential death bed, when Ojitar came to see her. To top that off, Ibania attempted to turn Taleena into a statue right in the middle of Taleena being tied to Torianos for their wedding ceremony, which was being run by Fidelia since Inaya was too sick. Taleena ran, escaping briefly, with Torianos still tied to her arm, but got turned into a statue anyway. Ibania stole her medallion, and no one stopped her. When Taleena become unstatuefied - still tied to her potential husband - she loudly exclaimed "Where the hell is my medallion!" Everything that could go wrong for Taleena, did go wrong! I hate to see what her real wedding night will be like after this! I fear!

After the LARP we went back downstairs and talked about our accomlishments and goals and our failures. It took a long time, with 60 or so people playing, but it was a grand time to hear what other people were doing and to hear how others got through the night with their character. I think many kudos need to go out to Steph and Adam, who put countless hundreds of hours into the LARP, and to Beth and Leia for helping them out with the GMing as much as they could, and also filling their other roles. It was the best LARP yet, I think.

Once all that was done, we broke off into our little groups again and hung out and talked about the LARP and other various topics. I got mopey again about the same thing, Darrick, and went off to be by myself some. Everyone asked me if I was upset because of Paul, since people reading my LJ know that I've been dating him for awhile now. I wasn't. It was just one of those times where I was being extremely susceptible and emotional and even the littlest thing would set me off. So, when I was being too depressed, I went off to be alone and away from people. That's just how I function. Really, it's how I've functioned since my mother died. Walls go up, and when I'm ready, they come back down again.

Despite my wanting to be alone however, three people made a great effort to ensure that at least someone was there at some point for me to talk to if I wanted - even if I said I didn't; Kath, Becky and Mike. They have proven what good friends they really are, especially Kath with everything she's going through right now herself. Becky and Mike shadowed me for a bit. Mike walked with me when I wanted to just wander around, and we talked a little. I wasn't really very forthcoming, but I did appreciate that he was there, and that Becky and Kath tried to get me to talk even if I didn't really want to.

I brought my stuffed rabbit with me, named Bunny. Normally, I hide it, but when Becky came into the room and sat with me, I introduced it to her. Mike came in a bit later, and they both tried to get me to laugh, by attemping to tickle a very non-ticklish Lisa, I introduced it to him too. Mike proceeded to charmingly make off with my rabbit, stealing it. Bunny thief! Though, it did make me laugh. He did that a few other times as well, when I wasn't in my room. And, in fact, when I came back from one of my walks, I saw that he'd stolen my rabbit and was in Steph and Adam's room at one time with it, introducing it to the others. I got it back though! Bunny, you see, is a reliable source of support. It's the one item I keep with me that somtimes keeps me sane. Everyone has that one item they cling to, and for me that's Bunny. So, MINE! *ahem*

After dropping in on rooms on our floor for a bit, I decided that I was just going to wander around the hotel for a bit. Mike came along. I ended up going outside, by our conference room, and sitting with folks there. Paul was there as well. Someone had mentioned that I was mad at Paul or not because he was wrestling with a room full of girls and what not and hadn't talked to him much, that someone had wondered that aloud outside. I wasn't. They'd mentioned it after they saw me running down the hall with my rabbit. Becky was trying to steal it! Anyway, we really hadn't talked all weekend, so he had no way of knowing I wasn't mad at him. So, I made a point of staying outside with Paul and the others. But, since I'm a dweeb, I didn't say much. I'm not good with the whole communication thing, that's where my insecurities normally break in, so rather than talk, I stay silent. We were out there until about 5 am. During that time, Kath tried to talk to me a bit, but I wasn't really in the mood to talk about why I was upset. I appreciated her attempts, though my walls do not come down so easily as all that.

Eventually, we went back upstairs, and I fell asleep somewhere around 7:30 - after deciding that we'd meet with Taleo and the other Oshta family members the next morning/afternoon at Noon for a family picture.


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Jul. 7th, 2004 09:46 pm (UTC)
Also not to mention she drove my mom and I to and from the Acropolis Saturday and did a good job at it too. I'd ride with you again anytime as well as the others I got to as well but you're a good driver for not being all familiar with the directions.
Jul. 7th, 2004 11:18 pm (UTC)
It was no problem to give a ride. Afterall, you're not just a Firanite, you're also a Cuendillar person :) Not that there is any nifty name like Firanite for anyone who plays on my game also. I was glad to be of service Marty :) I hope you enjoyed the trip immensely and hope that your mother had a good time as well. She really sounded like she was enjoying herself this year!
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