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Somewhere in the wee hours of the morning (the day I still attribute as Saturday since I hadn't slept then) it was decided that the "Oshta" family would get their picture taken at 12:00 pm (Noon). Well, what a disaster that turned out to be!!! Steph and I, after being up until 7:30 am that morning, both drug outselves out of bed around 11:30 so we could be up for this damned picture. Yes, damned! Bah. There was no Taleo, no Ojitar and no Judanus. In fact, Taleo went out to go get something to eat and didn't even invite us! Yeah, sure, we were sleeping, but it was the priniciple! *mumble* :) Lilana, at least, was already there. Mateo wandered in a bit late too. They were spared from Taria's wrath!

So, Steph decided that everyone who was late was getting lashed/whipped for each minute that they were late, in game. Don't mess with Taria! Buaha! Ojitar and Judanus were hiding in their room. We didn't know that. In fact, when we knocked on the door, we asked if it was just Zafir in the room, and he said yes, so we went on our meery way, thinking they were with Taleo's player eatting breakfast without us (mumble!). But, turns out they weren't, so they got off because of that. Eventually, Taleo showed up, and we grabbed Jalil's player, and got the picture taken around 12:40 pm. I must say, what a sorry, tired looking bunch that we were. All the pictures are on my camera and will be posted sometime soon. I'll post the FC Picture link once I have it available. There's about 4 of them. I tried going back to bed after the picture. I laid down for about 40 minutes, but couldn't sleep. Vickie was also going home soon and I didn't want to miss that. I regret that I didn't get to spend too much quality time with her all weekend, but enjoyed what little time I did have with her. So, I stayed awake.

To top things off, it was raining all day. At least until later in the afternoon. Rain sucks. Because I hate rain, that has to be added in here. It sucked big time. I hate rain. We didn't even get to go see fireworks!!! There, my obligatory message about rain being sucky is done, let's move on :)

A bright spot in the afternoon was getting Starbucks. I was being adventurous! I never had Starbucks anything before in my life, out of choice because I hate coffee, or at least the smell of it. It's good in tiramisu though, a lovely dessert with coffee in it. But, this time, I allowed myself to get a Vanilla Bean Frappachino. It was yummy! Though, had much Vanilla in it. I even woke up a bit, even though there was no coffee in my drink. It was then that it was decided that I should leave for dinner, since I was the one getting it for Sunday. Chicken.

I don't think, after this year, I'm going to be getting chicken anymore. It's not that it was a harrowing experince or anything, it was just that I realize now it's a bad idea to volunteer for something when one knows that they will be working on limited sleep. I didn't quite think about getting directions before I left, so we wandered around a bit. We did go back to the hotel and ask. Jessica had come with me to get the chicken - hence the we part. We chatted a bit in the car while we rode around. The lady at the desk gave us directions to a chicken place, Popeyes, but that was not the KFC I had asked for. I should be glad it was a chicken place, so I shouldn't be so choosey. We left the hotel at 5 and did not get back until 7. Boo! It took an hour for them to cook 100 pieces of chicken and 30 chicken strips, and to put together 6 containers of mashed potatoes, 6 containers of macaroni and cheese, 6 containers of cole slaw, 3 containers of rice and beans and 50 biscuits. People were ravenous by the time we got back. Many of us had waited to eat, thinking we were going to go out to lunch earlier, but didn't. I was one of those people, so very hungry.

After dinner, I wandered from room to room in search of things to do and people to see. I stayed downstairs a bit, when Paul got back from dropping Vickie off at the airport, and watched he and Lauren (Divina's player) play cards for a bit. I got tired of watching them play rummy, so went back upstairs in search of o thers to socalize with, but couldn't find anyone. Turns out that aninkling (aka Lilana's player) was doing th same thing. We crashed in my room for a bit, since I decided I could not sleep anyway, and we just talked. It turns out we have quite a bit in common, as far as some of our mutual experiences go. We were able to commiserate with one another and chat a bit. That felt good, to ahve someone who understands how I feel about various things to talk to. I felt slightly better after talking to her, and definitely less mopey. We were invited to go to Dunkin' Doughnuts, but I wasn't up for a road trip really.

I heard there was some socializing going on in David and Claire's room, so started to go there instead. On the way, I stopped to talk to Mike a bit to find out, for certain, if that's where people were. I was momentarily taken hostage as Mike invited me back to his room, leaving Lilana to fend for herself for a bit. What can a girl do when her ponytail is pulled along, eh? :) Not that I was resisting either. We talked while he made drinks for people in David and Claire's room. I had to remind him that there was a light there. He was opening a bottle and squinting at it in the dark. I helped him deliver his drinks afterward, but soon left the room. The chatter was too loud and getting quite on my nerves. So, I slipped back downstairs somewhat.

Downstairs, Adam and Lauren were playing spades against Becky and Paul. Paul became frustrated with the game and left. David took over in Paul's stead. I wandered back upstairs, not at all interested, really, in cards. I wanted social interaction, but without it being REALLY LOUD! Bah. Actually, I kept wandering back and forth all night long, as you'll soon see in my continued post. So, I went back upstairs and I caugh the group of people who were in David and Claire's room moving to Steph and Adam's room. I stayed there long enough to witness a gaggle of girls gang up on Zafir and steal his pants. That's when I left. I get too easily flustered by such things :)

Up and down, up an down, so down the stairs I went again. Mind you, I'd been walking the stairs because someone had already gotten stuck on the elevator on Friday, so I wasn't taking many chances with using that slow, old thing. Downstairs, I wandered into Becky, Kale and Paul. Kale and Paul were trading military stories. They were interesting to listen to. My friend Eric, who lives on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, often tells tales of his own time in the military. Usually, he turns them into amusing anecdotes about some of the mischief he's gotten himself into or something that occured during training, amusing me and his girlfriend Debbie. It was interesting to learn more about Paul's life. It also reminded me that I really do need to sit down and ask more questions and learn more about him. I'm terrible about that. But then, I'm terrible about a great many thing, I'm sure.

Eventually I wandered back upstairs for the last time, ending up in Steph and Adam's room. There were not many people left there, but enough to hang out with and chat without being chased away by the loud chatter. I just wasn't able to process LOUD this weekend very well at all. It was nice, and not at all overwhelming. Quaint and quiet. I liked that. Room was made for me on the bed, even though I insisted there was not enough room for me to join everyone there. I relented to the peer pressure and squeezed in between Job (Petulos) and Nick (Judanus), cuddling against Nick with Pia on the other side. I vaguely recall something about me needing kisses, and my polite declining of said kisses, and the protest somewhere in there that people thought I needed to be kissed, but they respected my wishes. With my mood this weekend, that was probably a very good thing.

Everyone chatted about this and that, just enjoying each other's company and the quiet. I stayed there until about 2:30 am and eventually went off to bed. I was soooo exhausted from staying up until 7:30 that morning, it wasn't even funny. I really should have just gone back to bed, but was afraid I'd miss people leaving on Sunday since quite a few were going to leave. I also wanted to be awake for the last day of Con and not drag around too much. Sunday sucked in that I was tired most of the day, and that did nothing to improve my mood. But, it /was/ fun to hang out with everyone, so that canceled out any suckiness I might have been feeling.


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