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Monday was the last day of Con, officially. We all checked out and 30 of us traipsed back over to Bennigans. I think the waitress's face really was whiter this time around when we told her that an undetermined amount of people would be coming to lunch. The people there were really great about it though, and offered up the middle tables that we used on Friday. We were lucky, as they said, that they weren't already taken, but we would have been perfectly fine being spread out in the restaurant if it came to that. Thirty people is a big crowd, afterall! We ate, we chatted, and we took a REALLY long time to pay the bill. It went around the table fairly slowly as we all checked to see if our orders were correct and how much we needed to pay individually. Some people left, while a large group of us went to Steph and Adam's to hang out and relax afterward.

Unfortunately, some signals got crossed along the way. We all arrived at Steph and Adam's fairly soon after leaving the restaurant. Steph and Adam, however, stayed behind thinking people were going to follow them to their house. Meanwhile, Mike called the airline to change his flight, so he was flying out the next day instead. No extra charge. Yay Mike! Since it was hot, we decided to go to Baskin Robins for ice cream, to get clown cones, while we were waiting for Steph and Adam to get home and check to see if the house was Ok. Their cats can sometimes be monsters while they are gone and do things to the house. Baskin Robins had no clown cones! Boo!!! Hiss!!! We'll maybe get them next time. Right, right? I ended up getting a very berry strawberry single dip ice cream on a sugar cone instead. Bill got Steph and Adam something and took it to them, I think.

A few people did not stay long at the house, having long drives to go. As they were on their way out, Paul was on his way in. I decidedly made a point of giving him a hug, since I hadn't hugged him all weekend, save for the one I got from him at Legal Seafood. That was my fault. It's not like there weren't opportunities. I just didn't take advantage. I took advantage then. Mike went to take Bill and Leia to the airport. They had to leave on Monday (sniff). Paul went with them so he could get food. Before they left, we decided that we would go see Spiderman 2, since it'd just come out. They were asked and agreed to go when they got back, but Paul wanted food first since he hadn't eatten anything all day long.

While they were gone, we chatted about this and that regarding the game and Con. Most of what was said was really a blur for me, since I was still pretty tired. I remember laying on the futon at one point, then sitting on the floor, then in a chair, and moving around. It didn't take long for Mike and Paul to get back, then some of us decided they were hungry and so we stopped off at Taco Bell on the way to the movie, but not everyone wanted Taco Bell. Paul drove one car with Steph, Adam and I in it, while the others determined who else would be driving.

We were supposed to meet at Taco Bell before the movie. Paul got there and no one else was there. at 9:00 pm, we drove off for the movie. We got there, parked and waited and waited, got a little worried, waited more, and eventually the others arrived, at 9:13 pm. Our movie started at 9:15 pm. We couldn't go in because David had already pre-purchased the tickets. We had to wait for him to get the tickets printed. It kept spitting them out at him. He passed them off to Claire who passed them off to everyone else. Once we were ticketed we all went inside.

The only seats we could find were the front row seats. They were mostly empty and could accompdate a group as large as ours, which I think numbered close to 10 if not more. Thankfully, the seats tilted back. That was nice, even if I am too short to tilt my own seat back to enjoy the movie more; except I didn't. That's because there was this group of people sitting behind us who who chattered during the whole movie, and complained when anyone looked back at them. They were kids with attitudes. Big attitudes. Bleh.

I liked parts of the movie, but overall I was somewhat disappointed in it. I think that was because I wasn't able to completely enjoy it. Some parts moved way too slow for me. It did have the sort of character development I liked to see, but it was missing.... something.

No one ever thought going to the movies would turn out to be such an adventure....

Just as the movie was about to end, Paul got tired of the talking and asked the kids behind us to please be quiet. Their response was to throw profanities at Paul and insult his mother; a typical kid response. Paul threw back his own insults and things escalated from there. One kid got up and started bashing the backs of chairs, and ended up kicking Rachel (Jeanne) in the back of the head, and moved to attack Paul. His friends stopped him, at first, and very nearly got him out of the theatre, but he got away. He ran straight for Paul and tried to punch him, slipped and fell. Paul pinned him to the floor and got in a few hits of his own.

People gathered around Paul and the kid. Some of the kids friends were trying to break things up, while, who we assume to be, his sister egged the kid on. Steph ran to Paul's aid, while Adam tried to get Steph out of the fray. Claire ran and got security, while Mike, David and Adam made sure they had Paul's back so no one could come up behind him. I was too scared to really do anything, so I stood up and just stayed put. My biggest concern was that maybe someone had a weapon, a knife, a gun or something along those lines, and that Paul was going to get hurt. I didn't want to leave him behind, so I stayed and watched the brawl.

Security came and eventually everything broke up. the kid and his 15 or so friends left. Security asked us to wait. They were going to "walk us to the car". Really, what they were doing was calling the police. Once the theatre was cleared out, we went to wait in the lobby. An officer eventually came and asked us what hapepned. He let us go when he discovered the other people had already left.

A few of the kid's group were still in the parking lot after we left. They tried to taunt Paul as he and I went to his car, but the officer yelled at them to knock it off. Paul drove around to the others in our group so we could pick up Steph and whoever else needed to ride along. Steph and Adam forgot we drove them in the aftermath of what happen. That's pretty understandable since many of us were pretty shaken by what happened. Us womenfolk, at least! Steph and Claire rode with Paul and I back to Steph and Adam's house. I found Adam's keys in Paul's car, which he thought he lost in the theatre, and gave them back to Steph. Most of us were pretty shakey even when we got back to the house. Thankfully, no one was grieviously injured.

Once back at the house, we talked about what happened a bit, mostly to bring some levity to the situation. And, of course, as only Firan Wizards could, we applied game situations to the brawl, We managed to have a few good laughs before we started analyzing the movie, and then talked about how other comic book stories compared.

Eventually, we all wandered back downstairs into Steph's basement and sat around chatting for a long, long time. Amber and Adam related the brawl to those on the FC channel, most of whom did not believe it even happened at first. Steph stated that she would prefer to see Paul nekkid to having him brawl again. I think I agree with that. Surprisingly enough! I stayed close to Paul after what happened. I guess I just wanted to be sure he was alright. I know I had a pretty big scare, even if he had everything well in hand. Paul eventually left, as he had to work in the morning. I made sure to get a hug from Paul before he left, but I also made sure to hug him quite a bit after that browl too! I think I tried making up for all the hugs I missed after everything that had happened.

I went to sleep around 2:30 am, because I started a new job the next day. Thankfully, I didn't have to be at work work until 11 am. I really, raelly wanted to stay up longer, but couldn't justify it. Bunny most definitely made an appearance Monday night, after all that had happened!


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Jul. 7th, 2004 10:36 pm (UTC)
sound slike you had an interesting week :)
Jul. 7th, 2004 11:20 pm (UTC)
Interesting cannot even begin to be applied to what happened on Monday! I was down right terrified! Terrified that someone, Paul, was going to get hurt! But, the important thing is that everyone is alright and no one was badly injured. I just won't be going back to that particular theatre anytime soon!
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