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The "Note" on the Stair

So, I went to Glen Burnie on the 2nd of January, as planned, to be at the house this weekend. Darrick knew I was coming because I'd told him so on Tuesday night when I last talked to him. He made some mumblings and grumblings about potentially not wanting to run our Shadowrun game, he usually GMs, on Saturday but he was tired of how things kept going. Sometimes, we can have a pretty dense group. He urged me to go ahead and go to the game anyway even if he didn't want to go. That left us without a GM. I suppose Tuesday I should have known something was up.

He spent New Years Eve with Jennifer. Big surprise there. He said he might have to do some sampling tests on Friday and then he and Jennifer were going to DC. Who's Jennifer? Oh. Right. I didn't mention her name before. Jennifer is the other person he's now seeing. His new 'girlfriend'. He was worried that we would meet on Friday.

So, Friday. Last night. I get to Glen Burnie around 5:30ish. House is all dark, but his Ford Explorer is parked in the driveway. I figured they hadn't gotten back from DC yet since he'd already prepared me that they were going out and might meet. Did that happen? Oh no. No way. Not in the least. For opening the door and staring at me on the split stair up into the kitchen was a teeny tiny note:

Gone to PA (Pennsylvania) for the weekend. If you want to game Shadowrun for the weekend, I talked to Tim (a mutual friend of ours) and he's ok with that after 5pm. He left Tim's phone number, said he had Maggie (his sweet black lab he rescued) and he left the truck.

I couldn't believe it. Once more he's proven to me that he's got more issues than I've got! Talk about avoidance issues. He's got them, big time. And, I'm glad I'm seeing this side of him now rather than after any potential marriage.

I should be hurt and angry. I'm not. In fact, I think I'm starting to pity him, and that should make me angry too. His parents still don't know about our situation, and while I'm not going to call them up and tell them, if I answer the phone I'm not going to lie about it if they ask me what's going on. He's avoiding their questions about us and most assuredly they'll figure something out soon enough.

Many thanks goes out to stephdray and seattlesparks. I called stephdray to tell her I wouldn't be by today to pick up a few tables she and adamdray offered us for the house. I'll get them when I go over for our scheduled gaming group. She told the Wizards on FiranMUX, the game I've roleplayed on for the last three years, that I was home alone, and seattlesparks was the first to pick up the phone and call me. We yabbered about for about an hour and a half before she had to go eat and stuff.

Thankfully, I'm in a much better place than I think Darrick is. I don't blame Jennifer for anything that's happened. I blame him and his inability to deal with his issues. I just hope he doesn't hurt her the way he's hurt me. I think he's the one who seriously needs to consider counseling. I can at least talk about my problems. He can't seem to talk to anyone else about his.


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Jan. 3rd, 2004 01:09 pm (UTC)
You know, the more you talk this through, the more it seems at least to me that perhaps he's done you a favor, and you have come out of this with every opportunity in the world. You continue to be true to yourself, and if you need anything, just let me know. You can call me anytime too, if you need my number just page me :)
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