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More FiranCon Memories

Everyone already said many beautiful things, but that doesn't mean one more voice can't be added to the mix. In addition to the accounting of the weekend I've already made in my LiveJournal (user: nynrose) here's what else I have to say:

I know I'm going to miss people in my post. I did not get to speak to many of you because of fighting some personal demons of my own all weekend. Those I did get tp speak with were wonderful people, who made me glad that I decided to cast away my doubts about going and attend FiranCon afterall. This was my third Con and I'm glad to say that I would never miss it for anything.

My first Con I was fairly withdrawn. I was the "Con Rookie" before we came up with the Rookie term last year. The people overwhelmed me with their kindness and generosity, and Misty's smiling face was the first I saw at the hotel. From that moment I knew, after I got over my Con jitters, I'd be just fine. Everyone made Darrick feel right at home, even though he did not play the game. I missed Paul's stint on Sunday evening, but heard all about it when I got back. The term "Bang, Bang, Bang" was coined when Pia's player watched us play Shadowrun Sunday afternoon and provided sound effects with Troy's help; from screeching cars to machine pistols popping out bullets (Bang! Bang! Bang!). I didn't want to go home and have it all end, but my RL family called for the remainder of the weekend. Holidays are a huge thing for my family.

My second Con, last year, I planned ahead, having missed out on so much fun and zanniness my first year. I didn't want to miss out this time, so I informed my family I'd be gone all weekend this time. I arrived on Thursday, with a few other early starters, and left on Tuesday. My second year was far better than my first, because I'd had the opportunity to meet with local Firanites occassionally throughout the year and familiarize myself with them a bit more. I was much more relaxed at Con because of that.

The first thing I remember was greeting Pia's player, who was as overwhelmed as I was during my first year. She made wonderful gifts for all the players; hairpins for the gals and glasses with the Firan logo painted on them for the guys. It was during the second Con that the comaraderie and sense of family that we all shared really sank in. I found myself connecting with many different people on many different levels. I knew that I was really a member of the Firan family. But, that year did not really end for me, as I was offered other various opportunities to hang out with Firanite locals, including joining Adam's D&D gaming group.

Everyday I consider myself blessed to have such strong and lasting friendships from those I have met on Firan. This year has not been my best year, by far, because of Darrick. However, many of my Firan friends, local and non, have stepped up to the plate to see that I was surrounded by love and people to talk to if I needed it, for which I am very grateful.

But now, I ramble and without further ado, speak my mind on other things:

Becky: Girl, it took me an hour and a half to find you at the airport. We must have had some crossed wires somewhere between us. But, it was all good. We found one another, and decided that the "heat" and the "full moon" were the bearers of ill omen whenever anything bad happened. They were to blame. You were there when I needed someone to be there, to keep me in good cheer and to keep my spirits up during times when things could have been better. Thank you. And, if you do ever get that VooDoo Doll, remember, the pins go in the doll. Stabby Stabby! You are a true friend.

Vickie: Despite being nervous, you handled yourself with grace. I found you easy to talk to from the moment you stepped into my car till the time you left. We had a good chat at my house and a wild ride getting to the hotel, with my needing to turn around every which way, but eventually we got there. I regret that seemed to be the only time we got to spend with each other, but it's something we can definitely fix next year.

Urtenia: You live so close and yet we do not get to see one another nearly often enough! This /must/ change. We will have to plan a DC outting sometime. The LARP was great. I may have to kill you for the tent. Who gave Mateo markers?! We crossed paths occassionally, but didn't get to talk so much this year.

Lilana: While my character hates Lilana in game you're a great person and a true friend in RL. I greatly enjoyed our conversation. It's not often that I get to do "girl talk" with anyone. It was rather refreshing. You are welcome to come socialize with me anytime. Oh, and get crakin' on moving to Maryland girl!

Nick & Dave: You two are the best brothers that I've never had in my life, having only grown up with sisters. Whenever you were around, you made sure I was included. If there was no room, room was found or made. The best quote of the weekend was "There is always room for you, Lisa." We need to talk more on the game and already I'm looking forward to seeing you both next year. Also, if we have everyone next year, we're taking the damned family picture the first day we're all at Con!

Joel: Stop worrying about Thursday night. You were very disappointed, I understood :) I probably would have felt the same way, had our places been switched. We'll just have to make sure we go in October, right? :) Thanks for the many, many compliments that you laid on me during Con. Maybe one day, I'll learn how to actually take compliments. For now, they still baffle me.

Jessica: We didn't get to talk much all weekend, and then when we had the opportunity we were both dead tired! Thanks for helping me to get the chicken on Sunday - Lord knows I would probably be lost somewhere out there if not for having a co-pilot keeping me in line. Total dinner count: 100 pieces of chicken, 30 chicken strips, 50 biscuits and 21 sides, and 2 hours later we got back to the hotel. Ugh!

Leia: Leia, you looked like a scared bunny wanting to find its burrow when we all came squealing into your room to say hello, not realizing you were still on pain meds. We missed happy, bouncy Leia. She will have to be well next year so we can see her! Thanks for the nudge toward Starbucks, and I hope Fluffles liked visiting with Bunny briefly.

Bill: Thanks for doing the Starbucks run. My first Starbucks! I have joined the Dark Side, it's official.

Margo: While you were not there, I must say that next year, the Confluenze comes /after/ the Con, not before. *sniff*

Mateo: I think my most memorable moment during con with you was during the LARP, in the middle of the Tenting scene with Taleena. You called Torianos! I was laughing so hard that it must have been the most pathetic tenting ever. We were supposed to growl and bang on things! But, it was a blast and I enjoyed meeting you this year. You were the good son, showing up for the Oshta picture.

Marsalos: I came to Con as an Iberik, but hardly got to speak with you and spent most of my time reminiscing with the Ticanee. Next year, we should have our own family picture! It was great meeting you!

Susan: Uh. Sorry about the plague! And, maybe next time I'll go get doughnuts with you guys. I just wasn't up for a car trip this year.

Jeanne: Atlantis and Lemuria look fantastic. Thanks for sharing that with us. And, er... maybe next time we can go to a movie that doesn't involve rude people talking throughout the movie.

Amber: 104! Or, is that 105?! What a record. Glad to see that you met your goal. I'm not sure I'd be that brave :)

Liz & Beth: It was good to see you both again! Please, make sure to come back next year. We can't let another 2 years pass before seeing you again. You know you want to.

David: Bet? What bet? Though, you did try to get it out of me. I just resisted. I think next time I might actually let you know, if there is a next time. I don't foresee myself betting anyone anything in the near future. It wasn't as fun to win that way, even if I wasn't really trying to win, and everyone but you forgot. And, good work on having Paul's back at the movie theatre!

Claire: Quick thinking! Girl, you've got a good head on your shoulders. I just stood there and gawked the whole time! That elevator was evil. We must find a new hotel. I can't believe they never called 911!

Mark: It was a blast talking to you this year, rather than running away whenever you came down the hall. You're a great person, as I've already known this last, what... decade? It has to be close to that now that we've known each other online. But it was nice to have it officially affirmed. Yours was the first picture on my new camera, and it's already posted for all to see. I wish I could have come out to see your wedding, but it wasn't to be.

Jen: It was good seeing you again and getting to talk to you. I now wonder just what it is Mark's been telling you about me, after the comment you made. :) I hope he's treating you right. If not, let me know. I'll gladly help put him back in line :)

Pia: You've done an absolutely wonderful job with getting the hotel and with the con gifts. I absolutely adore my glass. It'll go right next to the one Darrick got last year, since I got that too. You did great work with the name tags, larp tags and door tags too! Everything looked fantastic!

Melissa: Without all of your hard work, there likely would be no Con. You were the glue that kept everything stuck together. Thank you for all of your relentless hard work!

Kath: I want to say that you are an amazing woman, with much strength, grace and dignity. I knew your father was sick, but not that he had passed, not until I got home and to a computer again. Despite that, thank you for trying to get me to talk. It really puts into perspective something you said on Sunday morning while we were sitting outside. You may not need a brick cutter next time, for I hope that all those inner demons have been destroyed. And, BTW, great job for orchestrating Steph and Adam's gift! They sure were surprised!

Mike: Words cannot express how grateful I am to count you amongst my closest of friends. You were there for me when I was down, doing what you could to get me to smile, including several cleverly masterminded thefts of a certain white rabbit, Bunny. You care a great deal about your friends and stick to their side. It is easy to see why people like you so much. You are missed, and I can't wait until you finally make the big move to Maryland! Good work on having Paul's back at the theatre!

Paul: We didn't talk much over the weekend, but even still there were some very memorable moments that I bore witness to this weekend, and I think a rather large majority of them involved you...

Your little Monster and the look on Steph's face when someone actually kissed it. The wrestling with a room full of girls, and the dousing of Jen with water afterwards. Someone daring you to streak again, and some parts of your clothing being removed briefly. Your wonderful portrayal of Savaren. The late night vigil outside, with people smoking cigars. The various games of cards. The small glimpse into your background I was privy to. And, finally, Monday night at the movies, which scared most of us half to death. I'm so /very/ glad that you did not get hurt. And, it was so not your fault!

You have been patient, kind and a mantle of support for me. Your friendship has come to mean a great deal to me, and while we have the opportunity to see one another more often because of our close proximity, it was still good to see you at Con. Thank you for many of the wonderful, if bizarre, memories that you've helped to create. Con would not have been the same without you.

Steph & Adam: Without the two of you, there would be no Firan. It's that simple. Without Firan, we would not have the growing and loving family of friends that we have now. You have done so much for us, and for me. That is why I was very glad and very proud to have pitched in for the gift that Kath orchestrated for you. You've put a lot of love and labor into the game, and into the LARP, and spend countless hours on other people and not yourselves. Even you deserve a break and to have a little fun, even if our coming to Con is present enough for you.

You are some of my dearest friends, and more, you are family. You've invited me into your life and your home, and for that I am very grateful. Thank you for Firan and the time you both passionally put into it each day. It is clear how much you care for the people who play there every day, and the sense of community that you have forged. And, er... next time, lets get to the movie a bit earlier, so we can have seats away from the talking people, Ok? :)


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Jul. 12th, 2004 01:23 am (UTC)
that sounds like sucha blast!!!
Jul. 12th, 2004 06:06 am (UTC)
Demons about Darrick asside, I had an absolute blast. Lots of fun to be had all around, and lots of snuggles were passed out. Snuggles are good. Mmmmm. :)
Jul. 12th, 2004 07:09 am (UTC)
*hugs lots!* I will never be able to thank you enough for picking me up and letting me stay over. You made me feel like an old friend and yeah - it was like so easy to talk! I regret not seeing each other more at Con, too, which we'll definitely have to remedy!
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