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Tonight's Phone Conversation

I meant to call Darrick last night, but my father decidedly hogged the phone. That, and I wasn't sure it would be a good idea to call him after my father got finished talking to our realtor - who's apparently negotiating some stuff with the security deposit we received from the former owners of the house for renting it for two months. Darrick only sent them so much money back of the deposit and they weren't happy. So, dad naturally had to interefere. When he did, he also Donna - the realtor - about our situation. Her response was that I needed to find a lawyer. Of course, she also doesn't know anything about what Darrick and I have talked about and planned to do, I'm sure. It left me with a funny feeling in my stomach so I let things go and perculate a bit.

Anyway, after the business of leaving the note on the steps, the stuff with the deposit and the realtor, I decided I needed to call Darrick tonight, especially after I got my backbone again. You see, my father has a "Knight in Shning Armor" complex. He finds causes, even when his help isn't needed or even sometimes wanted, and goes after them. Sometimes that's great, and other times that's bad. This time it was bad.

We chit-chatted about little stuff on the phone. He mentioned that Dad called Donna, which I already knew, and said that it didn't help matters, which I already figured out. I wasn't too appreciative, because of that funny feeling in my stomach, that he did call. I already told Dad that, but I understood he was going to do it, I coulda stopped him and didn't, so I'm not mad at him. We discussed the deposit stuff, and I think things are worked out. At least, they'd better be.

We talked about his weekend. Remember what I said before? He went to Pennsylvania with his new girlfriend? Well, I was being naturally nosy. I didn't push too hard for information. I let him volunteer what he was comfortable with volunteering. Apparently, instead of going to DC they decided to go adventuring in PA, which included a trip to her parents house. He stayed with her there for the weekend. She lives somewhere on the Maryland border of PA while they live further in-state. He took the dog, Maggie, with him - as I said before - and apparently she was spoiled rotten. That's about all I got from the trip, aside from the fact that combined, Jennifer and her parents have about 6 cats.

Then, he dropped the bombshell. What are your plans for this weekend. I wasn't very forthcoming except to say that I'm going to the planned gaming session on Sunday for D&D. I meet up with friends about once or twice a month to game - outside of Shadowrun. It's nice to have different gaming groups. Aside from that, I wasn't sure what I wanted to do, except I was going to be at the house.

He was like 'Uh oh'.

I said 'What?'

'There might be a problem.'


'Just because.'

'Well, if it's something that's going to be a surprise, you better tell me now so I'm prepapred.'

'I'm having company this weekend.'

'I assume it's of the female variety.'

'Yes. She's coming over Saturday and staying the night.'

'Oh. Ok.'

'But we won't be home 'til late.'

'Of course, you're going to be at the aquarium volunteering.'

The conversation continued. Apparently there's also a party after the volunteering stuff is over that they're going to. He wanted to make sure that I could at least check on Maggie sometime Saturday. Which, I can. I have no problems checking on the dog. She's sweet. What I'm not so sure about is how I feel about Jennifer coming to stay the night at the house. I mean, I knew it was evetually going to come, but I didn't think it would be THIS soon. I mean, according to him, they haven't been seeing each other that LONG.

I really fear for Jennifer. Things, at least to me, appear to be moving way too quickly for them. But, maybe things are supposed to move that way. I don't know. The only relationship I have to compare to is the one between Darrick and myself, so I'm left somewhat in a lurch.

I'm not hurt though. Not yet. I'm trying to think of ways to do other stuff between Saturday and Sunday so I'm not actually there to meet her. I thought I was ready on Friday when I thought she'd be there, but that was only going to be for a few minutes. But... Saturday to Sunday, that's.... that's several hours and overnight. I'm not really prepared for that.

Everyone says I'm strong, I'm tough and that I can work through this. But, I don't know. I'm hoping I can, but realistiically, I'm not so sure.


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