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Jobs: Loves, Hates & Dreams

This is in response to kmacmahon's question in Lisa's Meme post.

The question was:

Name 2 jobs you had that you loved, 2 jobs you had that you disliked and your dream job. (Include why on all)

Jobs I Loved and Why

Assistance Coordinator - Neighborhood Service Center

This is the job that I most recently left, on April 23rd. I loved it for many different reasons, but there's also some hates mixed in there. The job entailed assisting low income families with rent and utility needs. Sometimes the assistance was for a short term period, say a year, and sometimes the assistance was for one month, depending on the client's needs. I liked being able to help people. Especially those people who weren't lying to my face and /genuinely/ needed the assistance - those too prideful to get help until the last minute. We had quite a few cases like that. They were very stressed and upset to have to ask for aid. It was a good feeling to be able to see that they got back on their feet so they could do better for themselves. I also loved the people that I worked with, on most days. We had our personality conflicts, but them we all did.

Grocery Clerk - Acme Markets

This was one of my first few jobs. I was maybe 16 when I started, and I was with Acme until my Sophomore year in college. I quit, but after college I went back for a time while I got money to get back on my feet. Eventually, I quit again, wanting somethign more substantial in my life. I ran the register, as my title stated, but eventually I was entrusted with other work; doing dairy, putting up general stock, changing prices, and frozen foods (brr!) What I liked most about the job was my interaction with the people there. Funnily enough, as a grocery clerk, you start to form a bond with the people who pass you by every day, even if it's a small one. You get recognized, and people start to come exclusively to your line. That's happened on a few occassions, where people would go to my line because they liked my service. Normally, I'm not a people person, but I found the job rewarding in it's own way, and I liked learning little tidbits about the people who came through. Working at the store, at least the Centreville store, was like being part of a family, because most of the workers got along as well, which is rare and unusual. We'd tease each other and pretty much have a blast, while seeing to the customer's needs.

Jobs I Hated and Why

Asst. Office Manager - Dynamic Marketing and Research Associates

I hated this job with a passion. The people there were condescending and rude. My work was constantly called into question, even though I spent hours and hours attempting to provide they services they wanted and to meet their needs, sometimes even at my own home. I was doing work that wasn't even mine to do, and got fired for doing "poor work" on a job which I'd volunteered to help someone else work on, even though I did the best that I could with the resources I had available. I was not sorry to leave there.

Accounts Receivable Clerk - Close Call America

This is another job that I hated. It is a telephone company, much like Verizon or Cavalier. I liked working with the mail and money, it was similar to something I'd already done, but I absolutely hated doing phone work. I was trained inefficiently on the phones and then dumped into doing the phone work during their busy season. I did not know their terminology because only 2 days of training does not ingrain it into one's head. I was yelled at for asking questions and trying to get the answers, because I didn't know the answer. Often, there was no one to help me out, so I bumbled through the call. I don't like feeling as though I'm bumbling through my job. So, I called them and told them I would no longer be working there.

My Dream Job

Ever since I can remember there's only one thing that I've ever wanted to do with my life; to act. Unfortunately, it is not a dream that I've ever seriously followed. I love being up on stage. I love getting in front of people and escaping into another person's life. I love the recognition one gets for a doing a great job at portraying someone else. I can't really explain why I love it, I just do. So, it was thing that drove me in college. I have a degree in Dramatic Arts. What do I do with that degree right now? Nothing. Do I ever intend to do anything with it? Maybe, someday. The real world has a way of putting a damper on one's dreams. At least, it does mine. But, I live in an area close enough to several equity theatres now that I could potentially make that dream become a possiblity, in other respects. I don't have to act. I'm happy doing things behind the scenes as well.

Have I done anything to help make that dream become a reality? Absolutely. I've volunteered at several local movie theatres, and on September 13, 2002 I auditioned for an extra role for the CBS Soap Opera, As the World Turns. This past summer, I went to the extras auditinos for the up and coming movie, 'The Wedding Crasher'. I was sad to hear that I missed the local auditions in Baltimore for Young and the Restless however.

Thankfully, my father keeps his ear to the ground for these things for me. While he is not the most supportive father for my dream, he does everything that he can to ensure that I get to an audition if /he/ knows about it, which is about all the support he'll give. I'll take it though!</lj-cut?


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