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The Weekend


Friday was rather quiet, after the rather large discussion we had on Thursday. Instead of sitting around the house and waiting to use the phone at 9:30 at night, I decided to go to another movie instead. This time I saw 'A Cinderalla Story'. It's not bad, for a kid's teenage movie, but I like those sorts of things. It was a nice teen-aged love story, with some 'Cinderella' comparisons to it. I also like Hillary Duff as a young actress, which was one of my main motivators for going.

I also decided to do some shopping on Friday evening. On a whim, I decided to go look for something plaid. What a debacle that turned out to be! There are not many stores that carry plaid items! OR! Plaid items that were long enough for my tastes. I hate dresses. If I buy one, it has to be super long and reach my ankles. I hate skirts even more because they rarely make them that long. I compromised with knee length skirts. That's adventurous enough for me! I found two pair of plaid shorts in the Levis store, and two plaid skirts that suited me well enough in the H&M store. I also found a shirt there that went nice with both skirts. While I shopped, I stopped by Starbucks and tried their Strawberries & Cream drink. Yummy! After I made my purchases, I toddled on home.

Getting back was fine - no big fights or anything when I got home and immediately started up the computer and commandeered the phone line. They were watching television. Or rather, a DVD of Coupling. Darrick and Jennifer chortled and chuckled for quite awhile, until she disappeared upstairs. Darrick stayed downstairs awhile, watching the DVD, before he eventually joined her upstairs. Me, I got in my quality computer time. I was also left with a flier from Comcast. A woman had come out to see if she could do the job so I could get internet service. She wasn't sure and had to check.


Saturday started early for me. I got up, got online very briefly, then got ready to go to Adam's party. I made sure between my shower and when I started styling my hair that I gave both Darrick and Jennifer enough time to use the bathroom. Apparently, they didn't take the hint, so I decided to go ahead and style my hair, and surely if they needed it they'd ask me to use the other one; the one with the broken shower that can't be used for bathing right now. So, I took my time and did what I wanted to do with my hair.

Darrick had been cutting grass earlier. I knew they had to go somewhere, but only because he'd mentioned they had to leave in about 45 mins. Now, I kept thinking to myself that he was going to ask for the bathroom to shower, but he didn't. It wasn't until after I'd missed a phone call from my father and attempted to call him back that I had any notice from Darrick that he wanted the bathroom. He'd asked if I was done. I wasn't, but almost was. Apparently, he sat in his room and waited for me to get finished. A little part of me is glad that he had to wait, but there's a part of me that's irritated with him for not just saying something. We'd just had this huge talk about needing to communicate, yet he didn't communicate his need until he was irritated enough to say something. So, I'm guessing he didn't hear a thing that was spoken on Thursday. Oh well.

I got to Steph and Adam's at just before 1. The party officially started at 1. Imagine my surprise to see Nick and bluekitsune already there! Yay! They were still preparing the finger sandwiches and other goodies for the party when I got there. I was commandeered into helping, after socializing a bit. Steph was worried that her mother wouldn't like her finger sandwiches, while we assured her that they were just fine!

It wasn't long before the other guests started arriving. We varied from being upstairs to downstairs within the house, depending on the various activities going on. We talked about various things, and generally just enjoyed one another's company. Steph's sister, haranlee, showed off some of her many beautiful wedding photos. The photographer did a great job of taking pictures! There were several beautiful ones of Steph and Adam as well. She also made some nummy cookies and brownies that people greatly enjoyed.

Later that evening, we attempted to go see I, Robot. I decided to show off one of the skirts that I bought, and got many compliments. I had a few personal reasons for showing off the skirt as well, and I think that well paid off! Going to the movie turned out to be a small debacle. We thought we were going to see the movie at AMC Theatres, but it turns out we had the wrong theatre. So, we all piled into cars and went to Loewes Theatre. Some of us got there earlier than others, so got tickets, while others of us got there a little slower. The movie was nearly sold out by the time we got there, and thinking that we wouldn't have enough seats, we sought a refund instead. After a bit of waiting, everyone got their money refunded.

We rented movies instead, and watched 50 First Dates. Many people stayed until the wee hours of the morning, and many more left in the wee hours as well. I didn't want to drive that late at night, and so found myself camped out on one of Steph's futons. Nick and bluekitsune also stayed.


Sunday was a bit more mellow than Saturday, as there were not as many of us around. We went to breakfast at IHop, and got lots of nummy things to eat. Afterwards, we hung out at Steph and Adam's for a bit, then decided to watch Cold Mountain, one of the movies they'd rented the night before. Oh my God! What a depressing movie! If you want to see something that has a large margin of realism in it and hits far too close to home on occassion, go see the movie. Otherwise... it's... undescrible. It's a movie best watched when you want to be depressed, I think. Because, then, you'll think, my god, I'm glad my life was never like that!

After the movie, we took bluekitsune to the doctor because she wasn't feeling well. Confluenza still had her in its grasp, and wasn't letting go. We ate at Edos where Nick was introduced to the fine quisine of sushi (yuck). I had something I could recognize. I don't go for raw fish or other raw foods unless I know what it is I'm eatting. College has really ruined my adventure streak when it comes to food. We ended the night with watching West Wing, and then I had to go. Overall, I had much fun during the weekend.


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Jul. 22nd, 2004 09:35 am (UTC)
Yeah, definitely have to say that Cold Mountain is NOT the sort of movie you want to watch when you're being all cuddly and warm and just plain happy about life. It's like total buzz-kill. Watching that movie, while immensely rewarding (it IS a good movie), is an Ordeal.

Next time, we rent something fun. ;)
Jul. 23rd, 2004 01:28 am (UTC)
I compromised with knee length skirts. That's adventurous enough for me! I found two pair of plaid shorts in the Levis store, and two plaid skirts that suited me well enough in the H&M store. I also found a shirt there that went nice with both skirts.


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