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Another Thing...

When I was younger, about 12-13, I was very nearly raped. I was at my sister's house. Occassionally my niece and I would play with the neighbor's children. They had a son and a daughter, who were slightly older than the both of us. but they were the only kids around for us to play with. There was a barn behind our yards that we often played in, doing stupid kid stuff.

One day, I was back there and the neighbor's son came back. I don't remember where my niece was. Probably on her way back. We were talking in one of the rooms, laying on a mattress. It was in storage there, but was a convenient place to sit and talk if we wanted. He started tugging at my clothes, and I didn't like it, so I struggled. He pinned me and tugged harder. I screamed bloody murder. People came. End of story.

Nothing happened. I'd actually forgotten about it until a few years ago. I'm not even sure why that memory came flooding back to me, but it did. When it hit me, it hit me hard - unbalancing me. I've never told Darrick, and in fact this is the first time I've told anyone since it hit me a few year ago. I mean, my sister Sandy knew, but I was very young then and didn't understand everything that was happening - just that I didn't like it.

I also think it's colored how I view people, and has contributed, in part, to the shield that I put up and why I keep myself so ignornant about sexually related topics.

Anyway, now that's out. Perhaps, given that, I can put that stupid, bloody situation out of my mind and heal.


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