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Most Amazing Day Ever...!

Well, maybe not ever, but it was still pretty amazing. And after the last few days I really needed to have some fun in my life. Today, there was fun.

I woke up around 9:30 and jumped online for a bit before everyone else woke up. Once it was apparent that people were awake, I got offline to keep the phone clear. My father called me on my cell at 10:00 am.

It was all over channel 13 this morning. Ron Matts (one of WNUV's news casters) would be at Marley Station Mall in Glen Burnie along with several Soap Stars between 12 and 3pm today. The stars were from As the World Turns and Guiding Light - my two favorite most Soaps. I'd actually auditioned for a small role on As the World Turns 2 years ago, for those of you who might have missed earlier posts of mine.

Anyway, I hopped to it and got dressed. Did pig tails today for the fun of it, and wore my blue plaid shorts and my sleeveless blue shirt. Went to the mall, and found that, of course, I was just a bit too late to get prime seating for the interviews. That's alright. I was among the first to see the stars where I was sittting anyway because they entered on my side of the staging grounds.

They came in and sat for about an hour, answering questions. The stars that were there were: Mark (Mike Casnov - ATWT), Peyton (Lucy Montgomery - ATWT), Chris (Jordan Sinclair - ATWT), Nancy (Michelle Bauer Santos - GL), and Steve (?) (Tony Santos - GL). The person who played Tony was only there for the auditions, so I didn't catch his RL name. I thought I heard someone in line call him Steve, so that's the name he's getting in my LJ entry.

One of the audience members tried to get Mark to take off his shirt. I guess seeing him shirtless on TV isn't enough for them, they have to see it in person too. Though, a lucky audience member did ask for a hug from him and he obliged her. I have a nice photo of that. Mark and Chris did cold readings with two audience members - playing out small scenes they'd done from ATWT. It was funny, because when one wasn't acting the other was playing director for the young woman playing opposite of the actor.

Afterwards, the cast members/stars went to sit in front of Hects, where we could get their autographs. Silly me, I had the notion that OH! They won't have anything for us to get autographs on, I need to get a book or something that will last so they can sign it. So, I went to Walden and got a journal - to use for an autograph book or something later. That landed me at the very end of the line. I stood there for an hour and a half and didn't get to say hello to them personally. But! I did get some more pictures. People in line held my spot while I went to get pics, and then got a few more right before they left.

Going to the mall today was a good thing. It reaffirmed my reasons of why I wanted to get into acting and theatre in the first place. It's a good escape and you get paid to have fun. Unfortunately, I haven't actually stepped up to get paid for such a job yet. All my work in theatre has been either in college or volunteer work at a local community theatre. No more. I'd taken the year off of community theatre and it's been well over a year really. Being there today has put the theatre bug back into me. Now I'm itching to stage work again - be it behind the scenes as a stage manage or goon or on stage itself.

There's nothing like the feeling if going up before an audience, playing our your part and escaping your life for a bit, and then getting thunderous applause later. Course, it wouldn't be so bad to be in front of a camera either, but I'd be too afraid that the camera and I would clash somehow! Sides, stage work is the bestest because of the recognition that you receive for all your long hours of researsing and doing your part.

So, I've resolved that the next time I go back to Centreville that I'm going to dust off my theatre resume, polish it, and send it off again. There's only a few things that I think I need to add to it - my last few community theatre exploits. I think I'll be happiest once I know that I've started to persue my dream again. That is what life is about - persuing your dreams, come what may.

It's time. Come What May.


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Jul. 31st, 2004 10:18 pm (UTC)
"Dwell in possibility"
-- Emily Dickinson
Jul. 31st, 2004 11:08 pm (UTC)
Break a leg with the auditions! :) I'm sure you'll do wonderfully. :)
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