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Theatre Party Goodness...

I was invited to attend a party for the Churchill Theatre, for the 4-5 years of volunteer work I put into the local non-profit theatre company in Centreville. I did several years of stage managing, doing back to back show, and I was in a few as well... one show, Picnic, I got the part of Millie during Tech Week. I had to learn all her lines in 4 days.

It was nice seeing everyone again - at least those people I remembered. I hadn't been involved with theatre for the last year and a half because I kept getting called to work on back to back shows. While it was nice, and I loved every minute of it, it was also stressful and I was burning out. So I took a break after stage managing 'Lend Me a Tenor' in the fall of 2002.

I got to see the one person I wanted to see most. Sylvia Maloney. My first production with her was Picnic. I was originally her stage manager before I took on the part of Millie. I have since done 4-5 other shows with her, both on stage and stage managing. She's this wonderful woman who's very supportive of those wishing to persue their interests in the theatre. I would do almost anything for her, really. Almost. One thing I will never do is work with a certain director ever again. I only stuck through it because she'd asked me as a favor. No one else would do it.

I was telling her that I wanted to persue the theatres here in Baltimore, looking for potenital career opportunties. Sylvia, true to her nature, had a person I could contact. Someone in the Hippodrome Theatre, which just opened in Baltimore, not only worked with Sylvia and one other person I know at Churchille Theatre, but she also went to my college. I very definitely intend to follow up on that lead. Being involved in the theatre is something I have always wanted to do, and now that an opportunity has fallen into my lap I'm not about to let it go.


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