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Surreal Events...

This week has been odd, in some respects.

Last night (Tuesday night), Darrick was downstairs watching television. He was the last one in the room aside from me. Jennifer had already gone upstairs. He was watching Stargate SG-1 and Atlantis since he'd missed them on Friday. Apparenrtly the Sci-Fi channel airs those shows early on Tuesdays as well. Before he left, he initiated a small bit of conversation. It wasn't much. He was simply informing me that one of my favorite Sci-Fi shows, FarScape, was only coming back as a 4 hour mini-series. I already knew this, and said as much. Earlier, he'd also asked me if I'd seen 13 Going on 30, a chick film. Apparently Jennifer had rented it and he didn't want to see it. I'd answered that I hadn't, and he made some comment to Jen that maybe we could watch it together.

The key thing here is he initiated conversastion. This is something he hasn't done since... well... for at least 4 months now. It threw me a bit off guard. Though, it was nice to see that he actually saw me sitting there and said something to me rather than simply ignoring me. It felt good, however small that step was for him. He'd also asked

Tonight (Wedneday) was another night much like last night. Tonight, Jennifer wanted to watch 13 Going on 30. It had to go back tonight by a certain time. I was already watching Kate and Leopold at the time they came downstairs, but I gave up the television for them. I own Kate and Leopold, so I can see it anytime. Jen and I watched the movie together. Darrick was there by default. He played a game on his computer, mostly, and made obscene chick flick comments on occassion.

All in all, it was a good night. Strange, but good. We actually spoke before the movie, during, and a little afterward. Darrick tried to enlist my aid in putting on some cheesey anime that Jennifer didn't want to watch - he likes it, she doesn't. I didn't help - that's his own battle he has to fight. But, it was strange to be included.

I'm not quite sure how I'm feeling about this. I'm sure whatever prompted his attempts at communication these last few days will go away - but eh... for now, I'll reap whatever good comes out of it.


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