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Weekend at a Glance...

This weekend has been pretty mellow. I stayed home all weekend, save for going out briefly on Satuday and going to a D&D game on Sunday.

Friday, I stayed home and watched SG: 1 and SG: Atlantis. I even got caught up, partially, on Andromeda, which has apparently changed quite a bit since I'd last seen it. There's this whole storyline that I've missed out on. I did a few things on Firan - but mostly busy work stuff with my characters to occupy my mind, then shot off several LJ posts. Don't worry, I'm not as chatty tonight!

Saturday, I got up and watched some cartoons. I discovered that we had guests arriving, so decided to get dressed rather than staying in my frumpy house clothes. I knew Darrick & Jen were having guests this weekend, just not when they were arriving; Jen's sister and her sister's husband. They left in short order. Jen & Darrick decided to use this day to volunteer at the Acquarium - likely to get Jen's family in by bypassing normal customer measures. I took advantage and caught up with online stuff for a bit.

Comcast gave me a call stating that they were coming. This was news to me. I wasn't expecting them until Sunday. Comcast came, Comcast saw, Comcast left. You've already heard me gripe about this though. Apparently, the workers did not finish everything they needed to do in order for me to get properly set up with internet access. Boo! Hiss! So, now I must call Comcast on Monday and get this worked out.

In the meantime, I decided to go out. I didn't want to stay at home and twiddle my thumbs. I got packed up and went off to Arundel Mills. There, I saw the new moving Little Black Book. It was a good movie, in an eh sort of fashion. It was a chick flick obviously, full of backbiting and backstabing. The plot line was predictable and the pacing was slow. It just felt off. I think if I were in a better mood, I would have enjoyed it more.

Sunday, I spent the morning being in the way, for a bit, as Darrick, Jen and associates tried to get ready to go. I'm not at all sorry for being in the way either. We have one workable bathroom and had 5 people needing to use it. I got ready to go to adamdray's D&D game. The adventure group was playing. We hadn't played in several months. I had hoped to be on time, but wasn't. Stupid dice bag got lost and I still can't find it. It's around, somewhere, I'm sure. Just where is another matter. The game was good. We fought two evil dragons and helped free a good baby dragon, and even met it's mother and released her from a curse. Yay. Course, we all nearly died trying to fight the dragons.

All this dragon fighting/helping makes me want to make sure my little statuettes of dragons get brought here from Centreville. One I bought myself. Two others are a gift from my friend Eric one Christmas. One was actually given to Darrick, but Darrick never took it home. It's mine now. They inspire creativity, sometimes, at least for me :)

After the game several of us went out to dinner at Hops. Nummy! Then, off to home I came, after chatting briefly with Adam and Steph.

And so, that was my weekend at a glance...


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