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Weekend Plans

This weekend is something of a whirl for me! Today I'm going to the Queen Anne's County Fair 4-H on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. For Queen Anne's County, it's a big To-Do. It's a week long event, starting from Sunday to Saturday. And trust me, for all that they've got on during at OUR (yes, I still consider myself a resident of QAC even if I live in Anne Arundel) fair, it needs to be a week long event!

First, they've got all their various animal barns and animal shows. Horses, pigs, cows, goats, sheep and ... Llamas?? Or, so I've been told. They have things from 'Prettiest Child Contest' to 'Prettiest Animal Contest' to 'Fashion Reviews' to 'Concerts' to lord knows what else. There's tractor pulls, jousting, good old fashioned home cooking, business displays, state senators, congressmen, barbeques, a carnival with rides, snow cones, hot dogs, hamburgers and ballons!

I used to participate in this every year when I was younger. I loved every moment of it. Mostly, though, I would stay at the horse barn, since I was in the 4-H - Pony Express Club. It's the largest club in Maryland, currently, with over 60 kids. The most fun I've experienced has been with this club - doing events, participating in parades, going to clinics and showing my horse. I learned lots of great stuff from the people involved. I've formed some lasting friendships with both the kids and the parents, and even though we've grown apart since I've "graduated" from the club, I can still go up to any one of them and talk to them like they were old, trusted friends. It's a great feeling!

Though, I've been told the leadership has gone downhill since my old leaders retired after their kids graduated. They were great people, Donnie & Jackie Potter, and took great pride in leading our club and made sure we were active participants and took us long ways. Too bad the current leaders can't be said to be doing the same thing. In fact, they're running it into the ground, which is a real shame :/

Tonight is jousting. I will be going there to support my niece, Melissa. She got into riding because I instilled into her and her brother the love of horses and the love of riding them. I trained them during their first fledgling years, teaching them to ride my own horse. Her brother, David, has since grown up and moved on with his life. Melissa still has a year or two left before she's considered 'too old', unless she gives it up. She will be jousting tonight. I really wanted to see her show on Wednesday, but I missed it. I hear she did fairly well though. She placed in every clas she entered but two. She got second place in barrel racing - a fast paced event where you follow a pattern around 3 barrels and you're timed while doing it. Fastest run wins. Second place isn't that bad at all! I always came in last for that event. Before jousting is the nummy beef barbeque dinner they always have at fair. I look forward to that ever year!

Tomorrow, I return home to Glen Burnie. I'm slowly starting to think of that as 'home'. It still hasn't quite sunken in yet. I then get to promprly wait for Comcast to arrive and hopefully have everything they need to install my cable and modem service. Stupid Comcast! They will be arriving between 1 and 5 pm. Today, they're supposed to be finishing whatever it was they didn't complete so I CAN have installation tomorrow. Hrmph! We'll see. Let's knock on some real wood, shall we.

Tomorrow night I /may/ be hanging out with michaelmauzey. It'll depend on whether or not he's busy with other stuff. I won't know until tomorrow for certain. He's in from Kansas, house hunting in VA. Yay! He's finally moving into the area. I will be disappointed if I don't get to at least see him before he goes. But, we'll see. We're supposed to firm up the plans tomorrow.

Sunday, so far, will be a quiet day for me. If I don't go out with friends, I'll just head on over to the movies to see what's playing. Several great movies that I haven't seen yet are out and I want to see if I can catch them before they're taken off the bill. That's if I don't spend all day enjoying my cable service! Yay! Ahem. Okie, let's not get too excited before it's in!


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Aug. 13th, 2004 07:55 am (UTC)
This makes me look forward to our own Tri-County Fair, which is coming up soon. Pretty much the same as your fair save for the jousting - we have horse racing instead. And truck pulls, and demolition derbies! But the best by far is found in the barns and exhibit halls .. it's a good feeling to know there are still people in the area who enjoy gardening and handmade items and such.
Aug. 13th, 2004 07:59 am (UTC)
Jousting and tractor pulls? What a mix.

I didn't know you lived in Glen Burnie. I have a friend from way back who hails from there, who now lives in Atlanta. Funny how things intersect.
Aug. 13th, 2004 08:10 am (UTC)
Of course Jousting! It's the Maryland State Sport! It's not the knockem off the horse kinda jousting. You go down a track for 3 runs trying to catch tiny little rings. 1 1/4", 1" and 3/4" respectively. The rings are the first size the first run, the second size the second run and the third size the third run. It's all about hand/eye coordination while on a moving and sometimes uncontrollable animal! But, great fun!
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