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Happy Cable Gooodnes - And the Weekend...!

Comcast is finally installed! Yay! I'm having a few minor glitches, but those glitches have worked themselves out. Otherwise, I am very happy - particularly with Comcast On Demand. Digital Cable and High Speed internet. I only got Comcast because of their internet service, but the On Demand stuff is... well... fantastic. No more renting movies when I have free ones at my finger tips. Makes having friends come over and wanting to watch stuff a bit easier. The movies change up every once in awhile, since I have Starz, HBO, Showtime, Cinemax and TMC movie packages for 12 months - so I get to choose through whatever movies they have playing that month for free :) Cheer!

Comcast was installed on Saturday. I spent the morning largely at home, then came to back to the Western Shore (Glen Burnie) around 11:00 am. I arrived by 12:30 after several stops, getting lunch and gas, and generally taking my time. I was in no real hurry. Cable guy came at 2:00 pm. He called in for help so there were two guys installing cable for me. Unfortunately, neither one of them knew much about Macintoshes, so I had to assure them it was alright. Really, not many people did, so it's not their fault they couldn't navigate the computer. I think this sorely embarrased one of the two guys. He was a fish outta water. I'm sure he would have been fine had it been a PC. However, my computer was also being surely and didn't want to work with their software. I think it knew I have a perchant for hating software for other companies, so they had to call into Comcast to get my email address and account set up.

I was supposed to hang out with michaelmauzey afterwards, but we were uncertain about the weather so ended up not doing anything at all. That left my evening pretty free. So, what did I do? I spent 8 wonderful hours using On Demand. The lineup? I started off with a viewing of "The Italian Job", followed by "The Bourne Identity" which I wanted to see before seeing the Sequel in the theatres anyway, then "Shanghai Knights" - though that one was something of a mistake as I had actually didn't wanted watch that one really, but enjoyed it anyway, and then lastly Freaky Friday - the revised Disney version with Lindsay Lohan and Jamie Lee Curtis. Since Darrick and Jen were gone, I had the house to myself all night, so I could sit back, relax and enjoy. So I did, going to bed late late late - 3:00 am. Life was great!

Then, today, I went out with sernik and aninkling. We all met at the Smithsonian Metro then went to the Natural History Museum. We wandered around and looked at the Dinosaurs and traipsed through the Ice Age before realizing the time. aninkling wanted to see the gems and minerals section, so we made sure to trot on upstairs to see the sparklies after looking over the Roman exihibit first. After we saw all the sparklies, we went to go see electricsoup and gwyndyn at the finish line of the Breast Cancer 3-Day they particpated in. We also ran into ironman and electricsoup's husband Chris. We chatted for a bit before we all had to part ways, then I came home. I was adventurous and took 95 back, instead of taking 50 then 97. The drive was smooth and I think from now on that's the way I will go if I go back to DC.

All in all, the weekend went well and I had lots of fun today.


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Aug. 16th, 2004 06:48 am (UTC)
Yay for cable! I like the look of the on-demand stuff. I don't pay for cable tv, though, so just get the cable modem.

I don't think you should actually have to install any of the software, either. At least with my Earthlink -- I never let them install that garbage on my computer. Plug it in, it goes :) (I know my friend John has his cable modem working on his Powerbook without any software, too. NOt sure if Comcast is different or not, though.)
Aug. 18th, 2004 09:57 pm (UTC)
       This is because Macs are teh Suck!:)


Aug. 18th, 2004 10:16 pm (UTC)
Watch it, or I may have to wash your mouth out with soap. Don't diss my puter! :) Only I am allowed to do that :)
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