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Confused Rant...

This is my obligatory rant about my housemates this week. If you don't want to read it, don't click on the link below - otherwise....

I've come to realize, and perhaps even come to terms with, that what Darrick said to me about the phone and needing it for incoming calls is complete and total bullshit. I think the issue more was that they wanted to use the phone for the internet and they just didn't have the balls to say ask if I'd get offline. Every time I turn around now, they're online. Spurts here and spurts there, yes. I even very politely offered them the use of the cable modem - trying to be the good roommate, and they declined. That boggled and surprised me. Ok. Fine. I'll enjoy the cable goodness all to myself while they piddle along on dialup. I can certainly deal with that. The other stuff is irritating, but only mildly so.

They bought a lockable chest freezer that stays locked. As if I would eat their food! Hrmph. Funnily enough, some of my ice cream and 2 lbs of ground beef is now missing. I haven't asked them about it yet. I plan to though. Especially since I go out of my way to purchase and eat my own food. I expect it to be there when I want it.

It's very surprising how their moods change too. One day they'll be all talkative and the next it's all tense and they ignore me. Whatever. This isn't the best living situation. I realize this, as I'm sure they do too. But it'll do for now.


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Aug. 17th, 2004 09:21 am (UTC)
The locker? Sounds ridiculous. Do they think you want to steal their food or lace it with poison?

I also think you're far too nice. Me? I wouldn't ask them to share the cable. They forced you to get it in the first place. I would offer to let them use it only if they paid out of their nose for it. Let them suffer the pains of dial-up. Grrrr.
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