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Adventures in Fundraising

On one of the channels on Firan I mentioned wanting to get out of the house today. bluekitsune jokingly invited me along to go fundraising for the Lukemia & Lymphoma Society with her to help raise her funds for her part in Team in Training. With nothing better to do, and really wanting a relaxing day away from the house, I jumped on the invitation. She was going to go stand in front of one of the nearby stores, or at least see if she can.

I got showered and dressed and headed on out. I got to her place about 11:30. We sat and chatted a bit, then went to Home Depot. She got buckets so we could collect money in them. We put Team in Training stickers on the sides of the buckets so it was clear why we were doing fundraising. Our first stop was Target, then Giant, then Home Depot, then another Giant. The response we received was not at all enthusing. The last place we tried was the one to give us a tentative 'yes', if we had a table to set up. We did not. We decided rather than take our chances there, to see if we couldn't do something else instead.

But! First, we stopped by Basikin Robins for ice cream. The day was not at all going how it was planned! And, there's nothing like a clown cone to cheer people up.... so bluekitsune got a clown cone while I got Love Gone Sour (cherry ice cream with cheese cake bits and cherry sour candies mixed in. Yum!). We sat and talked strategy. We came up with ideas for things she could maybe make to help collect the rest of the $2,000 she needed to do the walk. We bandied about the ideas of soaps and candles, molded from crafty materials, that she could possibly sell.

We went to Joann Fabrics after finishing our ice creams to see what they had in supply. The selection was not too promising, and the wax and other items needed to make stuff were a bit pricey, even with the 25% sale they were having on all soap and candle making supplies. We sat and chatted a bit about other ideas, then went back to her place, where we chatted some more before watching a movie. This was, of course, after we decided that maybe going to the Ravens game to solicit money might not be the best of ideas afterall. The idea of walking through a parking lot with lots of drunk or potentially drunk people wasn't too appealing. After the movie, we went to dinner at Don Pablos. Dinner and dessert were both good. We parted ways after that.

The day was nice and relaxing, just as I'd wanted it to be. I got to get out of the house and spend time with someone I consider to be a good friend, which was good. My main goal was to be out of the house today, afterall. I have hope and faith that she'll be able to raise the remainder of the money before her deadline on September 14th.

Every little bit helps. Want to donate? Follow this link!



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