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Weekend Update

My weekend, again, has been very, very busy. I've been attempting to keep every weekend busy and filled with various things to do. It helps, lots. It especially helps to spend time with good friends and generally just be able to relax and enjoy myself.

Friday Night

Several of us were invited by bluekitsune to go out to dinner and the movies. First, it was going to be in Arundel Mills at Muvico, but we later changed our mind to stay in Owings Mills instead. For dinner, we had: bluekitsune, michaelmauzey, adamdray, stephdray and myself. Mike, SSB and I waited a bit for Adam and Steph to arrive before getting our food. We were starving! Turns out, they got caught in Ivan and almost didn't come. There were tornado warnings all over the place! That wasn't something I knew until getting to the restaurant. We ate, chatted and generally had a good time catching up with each other.

SSB, Mike and I left around 9:25 to go catch our 9:30 movie. Adam and Steph went off to go do some work at their house. It was originally going to be Resident Evil, but somewhere along the lines we changed our mind and went to watch Hero instead. Hero was a very interesting movie. Subtitles are a new thing for me. I've never watched a movie with subtitles before. Despite that, it was full of plot twists and curveballs that you may or may not have easily suspected. It's not the normal sort of movie I would have watched either, so I was pleasantly surprised. Overall, I liked it.

Getting home was a bit tricky. Ivan was raging furiously at everyone, pouring down rain. Driving down 795 to 695 was slow going, but after I got to the inner loop, I was fine getting home, though still very, very cautious. I'm not much for driving in the rain usually, and when I left home to go to the restaurant there really wasn't any rain.


Saturday day was rather quiet. I sat around the house doing a few things. I worked on a few administrative tasks on Firan, and simply sat back and relaxed at home. I watched 'The Medallion', which was fairly amusing. I like Jackie Chan movies, they're fairly humerous to begin with - especially when they add the outtakes at the end during the rolling credits.

Steph mentioned that she had some furniture that she wanted to get rid of, and Adam invited me to come look it over. We went to Edo's for dinner and saw Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, and somewhere in between we adventured to Target so Steph could pick up a few things. For the first round of grabbing furniture, we packed in a futon mattress into my car as well as the smaller of the two dressers I was taking. Nothing else would really fit into my small, compact jeep.


Sunday I had to be up bright and early to remove things from my car. First was the dresser. That was a slight challenge, until I figured out that it would be easiest if I just turned it upside down on the slippery part of the dresser and just shove it down the hall. Then came the mattress. I was home alone, so it was slightly more of a challenge. It's big and bulkly, and somewhat flimsy compared to normal matresses. I hauled it out of the car on my own and somehow managed to get it into the house, up the stairs and down the hall. I left it sitting by the dressers until later in the evening.

I then ventured over to gwyndyn and ironman's place to join Adam and SSB for our DND game. This was the Political Group. We were working towards ending the campaign, since all of the characters are fairly high level. Our plan probably wasn't the best that we could make it, and my character flubbed some fairly key rolls (can we say 1 on a d20 anyone?), but we eventually managed to expose the person we thought was King for a Demon until the real King came entering into the room and demanded to know what was going on. Opps! We ended there. Our goal? We're supposed to instill a 500 year old prince from the proper bloodline back on the throne. The next adventure should be very, very interesting. Hopefully, we'll come out of this alive!

I stopped by Steph and Adam's briefly, and packed up the remaining dresser. I think that one will be staying in the car for a bit, since I'm not sure I have room for it in my room right now. I may end up dropping it off in Centreville for storing until my living arrangements are more permanently worked out.

Other Thoughts

Overall, I had a very enjoyable weekend. It was nice to spend time with people. However, I'm also thinking I need to make a trip to Centreville sometime soon. I miss my dad and I'm worried about him. I'd like to think he's superman, sometimes, because that's how he acts generally most of the time. I don't like to think that he's getting older, not when he keeps running around like a young, spry man who can do anything (including farming land and building barns, which are tasks that he completed this year with only the help of my oldest sister). I also miss my cat, and need to torment him. I wasn't home nearly long enough on Labor Day Sunday and that was totally my fault. I'm thinking I'm due for a trip home sometime soon.

My father unexpectedly called me tonight and we ended up talking on the phone for 45 mins. Anyone who knows me knows that I don't talk that much on the phone. Lately, I've been getting better with that. At least, with him anyway. I suppose part of the reason is because I /do/ miss him. He's also the first person I call whenever there's ever any trouble. He's my dad. He can fix anything, right? Well, I seem to think he can. So, he can.


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