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Homemade Dinner

After I got home from my date on Sunday, Matt called asking if I wanted to go to dinner with he and Ginny at our friend Jen Hinton's (now Harmon) house. I said sure. So, they (Matt, Ginny and her kids) picked me up around 3:00 p.m. today and we went on over.

It was nice seeing Jen again and catching up on some of the things that have happened with her over the years. I hadn't seen her since High School and as with most of my High School friends I'd lost touch with her.

While Matt made us dinner, lasanga, Ginny and I caught up on the time that we'd missed. She lives in Maryland also, but we lost track of each other over the years. There were a couple of pointed comments about Matt needing to get married during our conversation as she attempted to play matchmaker, but all in all it turned out to be a pleasant conversation.

It also turned out to be an informative conversation. I learned a bit about her living situation and ended up needing to give her quite a bit of advice. Advice, thankfully, that I was able to give with the line of work that I'm in.

So, the evening ended around 9:00 p.m. or so and we headed home. Matt decided to take Ginny back first and then to take me home. I got a brief tour of her house before we went on our way. On the way home, Matt and I discussed my past relationship with Darrick as well as my plans for the future. When we got to my house, I invited him in to continue our conversation.

During the course of the evening, his sister called. Matt had to go back because there were problems at home. I kept her on the phone until he got there. Hopefully everything will turn out alright. Or at least for the better. I sit here now worrying and waiting for someone to call me back. Ginny had to go because she was using a neighbor's phone.


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