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Trapeze School

Wednesday SSB, Jessica and I went to Trapeze School: http://baltimore.trapezeschool.com/. I was worried I'd be a bit late because I'd forgotten my directions and had to run home before going. I wasn't so certain I'd remembered them properly and that I'd get lost, so I figured it was best to be safe, rather than sorry, because I don't fancy getting lost at all; especially NOT in Baltimore City. I was also meeting SarahScott and Jessica there, so wanted to make sure I was on time.

I got to the Trapeze School about 10 minutes early, so I made good time. I signed in, got my waiver signed and proceeded to wait. I met the instructors while waiting: Brian, John and Scout, all of whom are very nice - and very cute! We chatted a little bit while we waited, I eventually got changed into more comfortable clothes for flying, and Scout started to teach me the basic things needed to go up on the trapeze while we waited some more.

Class started a little late. I was too chicken to go flying myself without friends for support. Afterall, taking the leap is a big decision to make! But, the experience was absolutely amazing. Wow. I never thought I'd find myself flying on a trapeze before. I flew four separate times that night. I didn't always get everything right, but when I did get it, it was right on.

The first time I went up I did the knee hang. I didn't get it right when I was supposed to, but at the second swing I was able to manage it.

The second time I went up I attempted the knee hang, but didn't get it at all. So they tried to teach me to do a backflip dismount - but I didn't get that quite right either and basically just fell into the net in a flop.

The third time I went up I got the knee hang right on the first swing - which is the best time to get it because you have the momentum of having just leaped off the platform going for you. They tried to get me to do a backflip, but I mangled it again.

The fourth time I went up I totally botched the knee hang, however I nailed the backflip. Only, I wasn't supposed to do the backflip dismount that time, I don't think. Scout was spotting me on the rope and wanted me to try to get the knee hang, but after two times at attempting a backflip I think I was expecting that and so did it. According to SarahScott and Kitty - a long time flyer - I nailed the backflip. My first ever!

I definitely want to go back again. But, owowowowowowowowow! I hurt! I need to do more stretches, hot baths, and other hurty-go-away-things. I have hurts in places I never expected to hurt before. But! It was well worth it. I want more. The only limiting factor are costs. I can't have more without factoring that in. I think I could do it once more this season, they close down in October, before next year when they come back. Yay!

Afterwards, we all met Adam and Mike and went out to dinner in the Inner Harbor. Food good. Desserts yummy, and we all go to chat about our amazing experiences.


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Oct. 1st, 2004 07:44 am (UTC)
Woo hoo! I'm so glad that you had a good time!

Sounds like it was lots of fun -- I'm jealous! :)
Oct. 1st, 2004 09:20 pm (UTC)
       You're so cute.

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