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Weekend Update

So, it's been awhile since I last updated. This past weekend has been pretty busy and I'm still in 'recovery' mode from it. Actually, this whole past week has been busy.

Thursday night I went to go watch the Presidential Debates with stephdray and adamdray. bluekitsune and jessypi were also there along with Steph's sister, haranlee and her husband Chris.

I can honestly say that this is the first time I've ever watched /any/ of the Presidential Debates, ever. Pretty sad, huh? Politics, in general, just don't interest me. I usually listen to issues on the sidelines from other people and form my own opinion based on snippets from the news and what I hear from others. I usually keep that opinion to myself. The debates were interesting. I wasn't impressed at all by Bush, and I think Kerry was a strong speaker. That's that.

Friday night I went over to electricsoup's and megachrisgt's house. It is HUGE and absolutely amazing. Like others who've already stated such things, I have serious house envy. Their house was like the one I absolutely fell in love with when Darrick and I were house hunting. And you know what? I'm very glad that we lost that bid, and got the house that we now own together (but not for much longer). I was never happy with the second house to begin with. It never really felt like home to me. I think we settled just because. That's never a good reason to get a house. Dark side of the moon was odd and freaky, but definitely interesting. I don't think I'll ever quite look at Wizard of Oz the same way again.

Saturday I went home from VA - I stayed the night at Misty's place because it's sucha long way to drive and we went to bed really late. I first attempted to stop off at michaelmauzey's place to get some boxes, but the garage door code and I had some issues with one another. Giving up, I went home to meet with SSB and Jessica again at the Maryland Renaissance Festival. I purchased a beautiful snowflake earcuff (which I have proceeded to lose somewhere in the move :/) and a rose sachet to put in my dresser drawer. Rose. Pretty. I left about 6:00 pm, to go pack for the move. I didn't want to go pack though. Packing sucks.

Sunday, my father and my sister Loretta came up to help with the move. We managed to get all the furniture moved to the house, but it got late and we had to stop for the night - which means I still have a ton of boxes over the house, and there's still some packing I need to do in order to be completely moved in.

My apartment is huge for a one person place. It's got a nice sized bedroom and a nice sized living room. The kitchen is small, but it has a tiny dining room where my kitchen table fits. I'm happy with it so far, which is good because I'm stuck here for at least three months.

What I do after my lease is up is still up in the air. I went into serious debt to find a place, but the alternative was moving home to my father which, as much as I love him, wasn't an optimum choice.

I will have to look at my finances a bit more closely. I may need to take on a second job. I have lots of debt to pay back - and I'm not going to count on whatever I get from the settlement to do that, because I could be disappointed in what I do finally manage to get. So, for now, I'm planning on attempting to repay everything from the monies I'll be receiving from work. And, that's that.


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