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When We Last Met Our Hero....

She was packing up bits and pieces of her house and transporting them to her new apartment, and unpacking everything, ad naseum. Now, I'm mostly settled. I have about three more boxes to get from the car, plus lots of odds and ends. I spent the better part of last week just getting everything put away and straightened out so when I had guests come over on Friday it would look halfway decent. I think I managed that. Somewhat. I hope.

Anyway, if you want to know more about my weekend. It's been cut down because, well - to put it simply, it's a damned long post!


I was talking to ainkling earlier in the week about my apartment, then on a whim I decided to invite her to come over. That turned into my inviting a few other people over as well. Only she and one other showed up michaelmauzey. I had planned a nice, quite, relaxing evening of movies and pizza. It didn't turn out entirely like I planned.

Somehow, I got talked into watching the Presidential Debates. That's fine. I didn't mind watching them, and some points about them were amusing in their own right. Sides, I think it's good I'm being exposed to politics. Usually, I steer clear from anything having to do with them, but this Presidential Election year stephdray is doing a good job of keeping me involved, at least marginally, and informed about various issues. So, Mike, Melissa and I watched the debates.

I played at being hostess. We got pizza - yay that Dominos delivers here! - and I got meats and cheeses and crackers for an appetizer. They made fun of me because I also put out mustard. I grew up on mustard, cheese and crackers, all together. It was a Holiday Tradition for my family. Someone would inevitibly give us one of those Hickory Farms packages of summer sausages, cheeses, crackers and mustards. I suppose that's why it wasn't so unsual to me. Must convert everyone else. I hate mustard, usually, but it makes all the difference! Resisitance is futile. :) I even got a Carvel Ice Cream roll, with chocolate sprinkles on the outside. Yum. Oh, and lots and lots of soda and even iced tea. I regret, however, that I did not have enough time to bake the cookies I had planned. I'll have to bring them next weekend.

We talked about horror movies and the ones I'd seen and not seen. I mentioned I hadn't seen The Ring yet, so Mike and Melissa insisited I had to see it. Since with my Comcast account I get four premium channels, I also get the Comcast On Demand for all four channels. I have digital cable. It's great! We went searching through the On Demand movies I get with the four channels, and low and behold The Ring was there. Mike and I proceeded to watch it, but Melissa had to go. She had to leave to go see family early, early in the morning. Once the movie ended, Mike went on his way - but not before kindly offering to help me clean up.


I had absolutely nothing planned for Saturday. This was a first in a long time. I tried to hold out, really, I did! Honest! But, I'm a junkie now for getting out of the house on the weekends. So, I did. I went to Arundel Mills and went to go see Hillary Duff's new movie, Raise Your Voice. Yes, I'll admit it, I'm a Duff fan. Want to make something of it? She's got a great voice, for someone her age, and I always tend to like somewhat inspirational movies. I suppose that's why I don't mind watching movies about sports, but don't really care to watch the actual sports event itself while games are on. I like the story behind the people. The movie was good, though it had some really, really sad parts that turned me into a blubbering bawling idiot.

I returned home pretty depressed. Mind you, I loved the movie. I just wasn't expecting the emotions and feelings I experienced by watching it. I tried to remedy the problem by watching what I thought would be an uplifting Disney Movie on On Demand: Brother Bear. Well, was I in for a surprise! It was another sad one! More or less! More than less really! Bah. I quickly had to remedy that, so I watched For Richer or For Poorer, a Tim Allen and Kirstie Alley movie about a couple who was being reviewed for Tax Fraud and ran, living in an Amish Community. I followed that with I Spy - an Eddie Murphy movie.

Unfortunately, I don't remember much of I Spy, because by that time I'd taken a keen interest in all of my crafting stuff again and pulled out the Carosel Horses cross stitch that I started years and years ago, but finally gave up on working on largely because of Darrick. I won't go into the reason, but he was a large part of why I gave up on doing crafting things. I found that I greatly enjoyed getting back into the swing of things, and once more creating something with my hands. I love cross stitching, so now I'm happily working on it again. Maybe, someday soon, I'll finish it. Maybe. There's lots of work to be done on this particular piece! And there's so many more waiting for me to work on them!


Sunday I had been invited to go see "Going Upriver", a moving about John Kerry, by Steph. It was supposed to be playing at the AMC in Owings Mills. The movie wasn't playing there. Apparently, they pulled it from the theatres early. We're not entirely sure why, but they did. Others that joined us included Adam (of course!), Mike, David, SarahScott, Mark and Jen. Since the movie wasn't playing, we all decided to go to Blockbuster to puck out a few movies. Jen figured that'd be a bad idea with 8 of us all going inside to look over movies. However, history has shown a record of someone getting mad if we don't all go in :)

We picked out Big Fish, a Chris Rock DVD, and Saved. We got to see the first two, but not the latter - time was not on our side. I'd already seen Big Fish and think it was almost as good the second time around as it was the first. The first time I saw it was when I'd gone out with kralentor back in February. Good Movie. The Chris Rock DVD was very, very funny. So funny that we think a few people were having heart attacks during some of the comic lines. One might have even passed out. Laughing = good for the soul.

Around 10:00 pm we decided that we were all hungry, so we all jumped into cars and went to a local diner. The menu was huge! But, not as huge as the Double T Diner's menu - but still HUGE! But, at least they let us take our time in deciding what we wanted to eat, because we were all busy conversing and not picking anything out for a bit. Dinner was good - though I'd picked out a nice simple salad. It was late night so I didn't want anything too big. Afterwards, we went back to S&A's and hung out for a little bit until it was clear everyone was getting tired and we had to head out. Mark and Jen hadda go to bed because they had to get up early to fly back to Toronoto (Boo Hiss! You should have called in and stayed another day!)

All in all, it was a very enjoyable weekend. Next weekend should be just as enjoyable because lots of people are converging to meet for Firan's WizCon. It'll be nice to see everyone again. I look forward to group gatherings.


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Oct. 12th, 2004 05:54 pm (UTC)
       I am so glad you got out...*hugs you tight*

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