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General Update and My Weekend

General Update

It seems that I've been posting less and less since moving into the apartment. I don't know if that's a good or a bad thing - possibly good since I recall that all I ever did when living at the house was complain about Darrick and Jennifer - or at least it seemed that way. Actually, I think very good. My stress levels have certainly gone done quite a bit.

The apartment is great. It's big. It's fantastic. It's expensive. I'll have to figure out what I'm going to do by the end of the week. I've just finally received a copy of my lease and apparently, unless I inform them in writing 2 months before the end of the lease is up, they'll automatically renew my lease. I only have a 3 month lease - and I'm not sure it would be smart of me to stay another 3 months, given just how expensive the apartment is for me to keep.
I'll need a roommate or multiple roommates. So, if you know of anyone in the Glen Burnie area looking for roommates, or know of anyone moving to Maryland (peer), please let me know! Soon!

On another note, I'm definitely going to need to get a second job. I've been plotting the best routes I can take from my current job to the apartment to see just how long it'll take to get to the places in my area. There's a Walgreens, Giant, Walmart and Target all close by. I figured I'd attempt to apply at each of those locations, given that the seasonal holidays are starting to betide us. Any extra cash I can get will be a blessing.

Also, I'm going to be looking for another job. As much as I like the temp job, it's mindless and doesn't at all challenge me. I need something that will keep me interested and active, and I can't at all imagine spending the rest of my life there working. Granted, there's not much I can imagine spending my life doing and I'm not even sure what I want to do. It's something I struggle with every day. I really wish I had a clear cut idea of what would be best for me, but I don't, and that drives me crazy on most days. It's pretty depressing, actually.

As far as things with the house go - I've decided to accept Darrick's latest offer. It's not the best offer I could be getting out of it, but it is one that still lands some cash in my pocket, so more or less I'm happy with it. I have things I can put the money toward, but I don't want to do it all at the same time. I also have to shoot away those 'Oooh Money, I can get stuff,' thoughts out of my head and play things smart. Unfortunately, Smart, Lisa and Money are not synonymous with one another. But, I will at least attempt to put forth my best efforts.

Weekend Update

This weekend was just as amazing as last weekend. Friday night I stayed in - doing things around the house and just lazing about. I hadn't had an opportunity to do that in a long while, between moving and being stressed out over the house and stuff, so I did - and enjoyed watching Stargate SG-1 and Joan of Arcadia - which I keep missing since I've been going out most Friday nights.

Saturday I went home, at the urging of a friend, to visit with my father and to grab some costumey stuff for next weekend's party at electricsoup's house. It's her annual Halloween Party. I've been going to it for the last 3 years now. I wasn't going to get costumey stuff, but it turns out it was a good idea. My father and I spent a majority of the morning catching up with one another, and I got to play with my animals - torment my bird and let my cat know I'm still alive. Pete, my father's dog, was also very happy to see me. I've never seen a dog smile so much! And, yes, Pete has a smile. It's cute, or would be, if I liked dogs =P

I got a call while at my father's house from adamdray stating that they'd be near Glen Burnie in the afternoon at Jillian's, which is at Arundel Mills mall, before we were going to meet up for dinnar later at Legal Seafood. I told my father I needed to go, and after he got finished checking my car out (the concerned father that he always is) I was on my way.

Jillians was a blast. We played lots and lots of video games, from running horse races at the Horse Derby Machines (which rock!) to shooting things, to pod racing to virtual bowling (or, at least I watched stephdray bowl with Dan, Leia and Adam). And, this time, I almost got all the way through the 3rd lap in pod racer twice. I swear, I've almost got the timing down perfectly, and now I just have to play a little bit more and a little bit harder. I think I should set the game up on my computer again. Yes yes... (rubs hands together).

After Jillian's we went to Legal Seafood for dinner. There was much teasing and switching of seats (those poor waiters), but the food was good, and those people who had desserts, I'm sure, enjoyed them. It was good to see everyone again - as lots of us went to dinner that night. It was Bill and Leia's farewell dinner since they had to go back to Georgia the next morning (pout!). We all went back to Steph's house to chat for a while, and before we knew it time had flown and it was 4:30 am! We were invited to stay if we needed to crash, and I think those of us left did.

Sunday morning we all woke bright and early, at 9:30 am, to wish Bill and Leia farewell and see them off. Sniff! It was nice visiting with them while they were here. Eventually, I toddled home so I could see the Farscape Mini-Series: The Peacekeeper Wars. It was very good, and tied up lots of loose ends nicely, after the horrible debacle Sci-Fi caused when they ended the series. Kudos to Sci-Fi. Now, only if they were smart and renew the contract!

And, that was my weekend!


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