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Halloween Weekend!

This weekend was absolutely amazing. It was electricsoup's and her husband's annual Halloween party, in Leesburg, VA. Like the first Halloween party I went to of hers, it was a housewarming. She's got a supremely beautific house (yes, beautific is a word in my vocabulary). I'd already seen it before Halloween, but that doesn't make it any less beautiful. I did other things over the weekend to, so here's the recap:


Saturday morning I spent some time researching apartments. I'll be needing to leave at the end of my lease, to find something cheaper, with or without a roommate. So, after the offer from aninkling she also gave me a lead on potential apartment space in Laurel, MD. We met each other in the early afternoon to go apartment hunting, since she's a potential roommate. Our stop? Laurel Square.

The apartment was absolutely amazing, beautiful, big, something anyone could dream to have. Unfortunately, they had issues with my paycheck. I work at a Temp Agency: Kelley Services. They said they couldn't take my proof of employment, because it was only a temporary job. Funny, Town & Country had no problems with it. They tell us this /after/ we go through the painful process of signing all the application agreements, having never once stated that where anyone works would be an issue. So, rather than paying them $70 (total application fee for both aninkling and myself), I told them to forget it, we weren't going to apply for the apartment afterall. I really hate that I wasted my morning to go look at the place when I feel they should have mentioned their restrictions when I called them. Bah! Oh well, I'll continue to look for places in the meantime. I have 2 months, afterall, to find some place cheap to live.

Later that evening I met michaelmauzey at his place in Leesburg, VA. He offered crash space to me earlier in the week, which I had accepted, and we planned to meet at his place first and then go over to electricsoup's party. He went as a pirate, and after some deliberation, I decided to wear my burgundy Renaissance outfit. It's about time it got some use again!

The party itself was a blast. There were many familiar faces there: gwndyn, ironman, bluekitsune, seattlenick, dpassmor, liakela and many other faces I didn't recognize!

David started the night off with Kareoke Revolution, and was soon followed by Diana. Many other people followed suit and there was a strong crowd in the basement singing most of the night. Meanwhile, many other people hung out upstairs, watching television, and later the Rocky Horror Picture Show. There was a room all bordered off by sheets of black pastic, that had a kicking fog machine inside and strobe lights - which was termed the "make out" room, though people mostly rolled around the floor and danced, or just fell on the floor and laid there a bit.

I played the part of the social butterfly well, not. Crowds and noise easily overwhelm me, so I took various breaks. I did enjoy myself immensely. I got to dance and chat with various people, and even became a sandwich at one point, I think. But as with all good things, the evening came to an end and Mike and I had to head out.


Sunday came all too soon for those of us who didn't go to bed properly until about 5:30 in the morning. Or, 4:30, depending on what clock said what. Mike and I rolled around to Misty's house again for pancakes around 10:30, only to find we were a wee bit too late. We hung out there for several hours, chatting and watching Monster House. Oh. My. God! What people do to their homes on that show is just.... wow. I don't think I could ever pay someone to put a foam Tiki God in my living room. Uh uh, no way, no how! it's just insane! Though, I will admit the Western Saloon house looked pretty cool. I just can't imagine the resell value after the work that was completed, though! Er. Yeah.

Eventually Mike had to go home to do some work, so we rolled back to his place once more. We chatted for about an hour or so longer before I decided to very, very reluctantly head back home. While traffic was somewhat heavy on 70 on the way home, the drive back wasn't too bad. Sadly, it seemed shorter than the drive over on Saturday, which I can't quite figure out.

This weekend was nice, and something I feel was muchly needed. It was good to see everyone again and just plain get out of the house.


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