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Late Night Chat

So, I get a phone call on Saturday night asking if I want to go over Ginny's house. Matt was going over there to chat with her after her husband went to work. Since I really haven't talked to or seen Ginny in awhile, I decided sure, why not.

The evening was... interesting. To say the very least. First of all, Matt picked me up around 11:30 pmish. So, it was late to begin with. But, to see Ginny without her husband, it had to be a late night visit. He works night shifts.

Matt and I had a very interesting discussion on the way to Ginny's house. He'd asked if I'd ever had a big move in my life. I'd said no. Unless you count college, which I didn't. College was only 30 mins away from my house, if that. I chose to go to a small town college nearby - expensive, but well worth it. Though, I told him that moving from Farm Country USA into Glen Burnie would be a huge move and change for me. Can we say Culture Shock?

That wasn't exactly what he meant. He'd asked if I ever considered moving to a different state. That's not something that ever really crossed my mind. Well, not unless I got involved in theatre. Which, to date, I still haven't. Though, moving to Glen Burnie would offer a better opportunity for me to do that with theatres close in DC and Baltimore.

He then sprung his plan one me. One of the scenarios he set up for his sister was to get her set up in an apartment in Salt Lake City. He felt that she would be more comfortable if she had someone living with her that she knew. And asked if I would be interested in making a big move and trying out Salt Lake City for a time. He then asked what ties I had keeping me back in Maryland, as well as a few other things. We discussed this a bit. It left me with much to consider. He asked me to think about it.

We then got to Ginny's house. Her husband wasn't there, thank goodness! We were welcomed and made ourselves comfortable. The evening had a strange sort of surrealness to it, I think mostly because it was so late. We discussed Ginny's situation with her and offered all sorts of options before her. We also discussed some of her problems - why she went back to her husband and what she felt she could do with her life, etc. In the end, I think we gave her much to think about and even helped her realize that there were better things for her. Goals she could accomplish. I left the house feeling hopeful - that she would somehow find the strength to do the right thing. Meanwhile, I have much to ponder.


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