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Last Weekend's Events

Like the week prior, last weekend was pretty quiet. It was nice, for a change, not to have to go anywhere or do anything, so I spent most of my time around the house just mellowing out.

Friday night I was invited to go out to dinner with stephdray, adamdray and bluekitsune and to go see The Incredibles. We were gonna see if we could meet up with ironman and gwyndyn but we weren't able to get ahold of them. We had a nummy dinner at Friendly's, then went off to the movie. I'd already seen it before, but it was just as good the second time around as it was the first. Perhaps better, because I had the opportunity to absorb and notice different things in the movie than the first time.

Saturday I was invited to go see the Ramada Inn with SSB, but her closet ended up flooding so we couldn't go. We were gonna go look at it for next year's up and coming FiranCON. I spent most of the morning cleaning, just in case she and Steph ended up coming over this way and wanted to see the apartment. Cleaning was a thing I needed to do anyway so I consider the morning productive. I got things cleaned, and in the process lost stuff too! Bah. Cleaning always makes me lose things right underneath my nose. Far be it for me to put stuff back in a logical place.

Saturday night I went to Jesse and Diana's place to sit down and do some character creation for Adam's new up and coming D&D group: 1000 Towers. michaelmauzey will be joining the group. Yay Mike! Mike, Jesse, SSB and I will be playing siblings, of varying degrees, and Diana will be playing my character's Lady-In-Waiting. It'll be an interesting mix of characters, particularly with various RP flaws that we've chosen. For example, my character has the "Star-Crossed" flaw which means my character is fickle and falls in and out of love almost constantly and either the DM or another player in the group can make her fall in love with someone. It'll be interesting to RP. I've often wondered how people can fall in and out of love so quickly. I've never been that kind of person. But then, the concept of love is something that I dwell on, because I'm not the greatest at determining my feelings for a person, or expressing them.

Sunday I had a nice quiet day, followed by a nice quiet night. I went to Jillians for about 3 hours and played the horse game, retired Lady Star and created a new horse. It was interesting. I recognized a few people from one of the other trips I'd taken to Jillians. Seems that game has quite a regular crowd. I thin the people playing Air Hockey and Basketball were out to get me though. I had the seat on the end closest to those games, and the basketball hit me and the air hockey puck /almost/ hit me. Note to self, find another seat if you can!


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Nov. 19th, 2004 06:38 am (UTC)
Mmmmm, Friendly's. I miss their shakes. They don't know how to make them out West. Hope your weekend is a good one.
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