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Life at a Glance: Part One

This is long overdue and likely will be something I do in parts since it'll probably be so long. I haven't really been keeping up with updatey stuff, so today I play catchup. Really, though, I consider my life pretty boring in general so there's not really much to update about.

Last Weekend

Saturday: December 11th

Two weeks ago I decided to have people over on the 11th (Saturday). It was a little more organized than the first time I had guests; which was a haphazard affair at best. Saturday morning I got up, and cleaned frantically. Everything was put away and had a place. This is not normal for me, but it looked very good and very nice. I was proud. I then went shopping for food supplies. The night before I had looked on the wen for good sandwichy and dessert things to put together. So, I got stuff for wraps and little fruit tarts, and some other food that would likely come in handy too.

Saturday evening the guests arrived: dpassmor, his girlfriend Claire, michaelmauzey, aninkling and bluekitsune. The evening started out with David and Claire arriving first. David saw my Star Wars monopoly set and prounounced that he wanted to play. We started talking for a bit and Mike arrived arrived. David then pronounced he wanted to play again. Finally after Melissa arrived and we talked a bit more, we decided to go ahead and play monopoly. SarahScott arrived a bit later than everyone else, and brought her knitting with her. She made a womb for a friend who is a medical student. The yarn was scarily very accurate in color!

The game was fun. Interesting. Amusing. We made Claire play, when she said she wasn't going to and even chose a character for her to play during the game: The Emperor. She didn't like that one though so chose instead to be a Storm Trooper. There was lots of fun rubbing and bickering, wheeling and dealing going on until in the end David and Claire were the last two people left in the game. David eventually won. After the game, we watched Pulp Fiction. It was my first time seeing the movie.

Sunday: December 12th

Sunday I decided to help ironman and [Unknown LJ tag] with moving gwyndyn's sister into their apartment. That was lots of fun, for work, and it went far more quickly than I thought it would! We had lots of people there to do work; Jesse and Diana of course, and adamdray, SarahScott, Mike and myself. We got everything done in about three hours or four hours. We took the truck over to Diana's mother's apartment, unloaded some of Julie's stuff there, repacked it, then took it to Jesse and Diana's apartment and unloaded the rest into the spare bedroom. We then went to pizza hut for dinner and went to see Blade: Trinity. Very, very good movie! And, even more, I didn't sleep through it.

[Continued in next post!]


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